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21 October 2014

Steven McNamara Today at 01:02

Originally posted on A Sign of our Times:On the 11th day of November many people throughout the UK will pause and reflect upon the fallen who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. And if you wander into…...

In The Dark House

On Fields of Green Today at 00:10

Today is my 38th birthday, and when I think about that it invokes a sigh. Two years until a big milestone. Two years until the big Four Oh, which as everyone knows stands for “Oh my God”. Some say life begins at that age, but if they believe that they...

A New Era

The Celtic Blog Today at 00:28

Hello bhoys and ghirls, and welcome to a new era here at thecelticblog.com. thecelticblog.com has been dormant for some time now and it’s time that changes.   We are four passionate Celtic fans that enjoy writing so we have decided to join the two ...

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