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James Traynor

James Traynor · Photo: Vagelis Georgariou

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VideoCelts · Mar 16, 2019

BBC employee trolls furious Ibrox fans over pitiful protest!

Following up a call to arms from PR guru James Traynor and given significant support on social media around 40 fans led by the Vanguard Bears staged a protest at the BBC’s Glasgow HQ at Pacific Quay...

VideoCelts · Feb 23, 2019

Paranoid James Traynor cranks up the incredible attacks from Ibrox

Deflection has become an art-form for many at Ibrox with a whole week of events programmed to take attention away from the SPFL table...

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain · Feb 20, 2019

Sevco and their lamb fisted media strategy

An effective PR professional should be influential behind the scenes.

John James · Oct 16, 2018

King’s New Order

Chris Jack, who runs a ‘Rangers’ fanzine, will fall wanking to the floor when James Traynor informs him that the Albion Road Car Park and Edmiston House are no longer in hock to Close Leasing Ltd...

VideoCelts · Sep 15, 2018

Gerrard’s incredible u-turn- I’m not here to talk about referees!

The Sevco boss has delved into the Big Book of Ibrox Excuses since James Traynor fitted him up for a blazer and brown brogues...

The Celtic Star · Aug 28, 2018

A Red Letter Day for EBT recipients Alex Rae (£569k) and Alex McLeish (£1.7m)

MARK WILSON and Alex Rae are now co-pundits on the evening radio football show, Super Scoreboard.

VideoCelts · May 2, 2018

Gerrard’s eye popping Ibrox demands

The fantasy squirrel concocted by King and James Traynor has quickly grown into a monster of horrendous proportions...

VideoCelts · May 1, 2018

Sevco in meltdown as Murty walks away

With James Traynor trying to manage the story it seems that the club outlets have been left in the dark about who is nominally in charge of the club...

VideoCelts · Apr 30, 2018

Watch as James Traynor falls silent

With only his decades in the newspaper business to call on the so-called Airdrie fan had no other tool to call on yesterday other than a blackout after the match which saw Ibrox fans left with no explanation for their company’s failure...

VideoCelts · Feb 5, 2018

Stewart takes aim at succulent lamb brigade

The phrase succulent lamb was first used by James Traynor as he described sharing dinner with Dave Murray in Jersey to celebrate 10 years in charge of Ibrox...

VideoCelts · Sep 15, 2017

Wallace salutes Mr Motivator

“When we watch his press conferences, the pre-match stuff, he is inspirational,” Waldo told The Sun with James Traynor at his side...

VideoCelts · Sep 14, 2017

Listen in as James Traynor denies liquidation during Lee Wallace presser

“The club wasn’t liquidated, that’s quite wrong,” Traynor piped in clearly forgetting some of the articles that he penned at the Daily Record...

John James · Jul 13, 2017

Hector Rides Again

We are in the midst of a propaganda war waged by James Traynor via his mouthpieces in the SMSM and the licence funded Hun that is Kenny Macintyre at BBC Scotland...

VideoCelts · Jun 3, 2017

Former Celt leaves the Scottish Sun

Over the last few seasons the Record has lost heavyweight columnists James Traynor, Tam Cowan and Hugh Keevins- it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sutton jump ship to the more high profile Scottish Sun...

John James · Mar 3, 2017

A Caddie’s Guide to Rangers Lite

With disposable income at a premium, should PR be the first to feel the pinch at Rangers Lite?

Celts Are Here · Dec 5, 2016

Celtic are sinking into a mediocrity of which they might never recover

Puzzled by the headline, all is not what it seems. The hook for this article comes from the comments made by a young James Traynor going about his daily duties during the 90s where he spoke candidly about Celtic’s financial plight...

VideoCelts · Nov 26, 2016

Will STv fight back at Ibrox chief James Traynor?

After seeking a word with King @stvraman is seen getting a dressing down from Traynor- clearly disobeying instructions...

VideoCelts · Oct 12, 2016

Watch Traynor halt Sevco media conference

Stressed out Mark Warburton was submitted to a humiliating piece of media management in front of a UK wide audience as James Traynor pulled the plug on a Sevco media conference!

Celtic Quick News · Nov 9, 2015

The Loan Ranger And The Bank That Went Tonto!

Back at the beginning of 2013, Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan followed the money for CQN Magazine At a time when events off the field of play compete with any given 90 minutes plus stoppage time for domination of the back page headlines, can you really blame James Traynor for hanging up his pen?

VideoCelts · Dec 9, 2014

The Daily Record sales crash

During the last 12 months the Record has lost heavyweight contributors Hugh Keevins, Mark Guidi and Tam Cowan on the back of James Traynor’s disastrous departure in which he was allowed to sign off by slaughtering his colleagues and publisher before a bri...

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