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107 Cowgate · Jan 9, 2013

The Flag Riots

“We want oor fleg back!

107 Cowgate · Dec 16, 2012

Forget All About Flags, Census Is Real Story

James Connolly Society poster from 2004. By Ian Bell Back at the start of the 1980s, Ireland’s Moving Hearts collective attracted some attention by recording Jack Warshaw’s song “No Time for Love”. On this side of the sea it was dismissed, oft...

107 Cowgate · Dec 14, 2012

Prisoners Month: Political Policing Continues

This week has seen the arrest of three republicans and friends of 107 Cowgate in Belfast for taking part in a peaceful protest against a sectarian Orange march being forced through Ardoyne in July 2010...

107 Cowgate · Nov 23, 2012

Ireland And The Broader Implications Of The 2014 Referendum

By Jim Slaven The deal between Alex Salmond and David Cameron on the arrangements for the 2014 constitutional referendum has been widely welcomed...

107 Cowgate · Nov 7, 2012

Orange Order Material Used In Primary Schools

Screen grab from Newsnight Scotland broadcast on BBC 2, Tuesday 6th November 2012. At first glance it might look like just another cartoon character.

107 Cowgate · Sep 29, 2012

Ulster Covenant March: Bigot Alert

As thousands of Orangemen march through Belfast today here is a few images to remind us what they are really all about.

107 Cowgate · Aug 16, 2012

James Kelman — Why I Withdrew from the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference

By James Kelman On a recent Sunday the Herald had a twenty page full colour supplement in association with the Scottish Tourist Board.

107 Cowgate · Jul 18, 2012

Obituary: James D Young

By Donald Anderson James Young – Jimmy to his friends – was a lifelong socialist. He finally embraced Scottish independence and Scottish republicanism with his amazing research discoveries in his book The Rousing of the Scottish Working Class and a...

107 Cowgate · Jul 16, 2012

Ardoyne Update: Lundy Family Statement

Lundy Family Statement 16/7/2012 Today our father, son and brother Alan Lundy was unjustly remanded in custody on two dubious charges of riotous assembly...

107 Cowgate · Jul 12, 2012

Ardoyne Residents Statement

Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective Statement 12th July 2012 ”GARC is a non party-political residents’ group that is there to serve and give a voice to all the people of Ardoyne, Mountainview and The Dales, in terms of opposing unwanted bigoted parad...

107 Cowgate · Jun 29, 2012

Mexico: 1.4 Million March For AMLO

By Arash Azizi ”It will be the biggest march of your life” a comrade of La Izquierda Socialista (Marxist wing of Morena) told me before Wednesday, 27th of June, when leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), like other candidates in the coming Mex...

107 Cowgate · Jun 27, 2012

On Meeting Monarchy

By Jim Slaven JCS meet Betty Battenberg republican style.

107 Cowgate · Apr 13, 2012

James Kelman on On Self-Determination

By James Kelman In an American journal I read a prominent English writer was described as ‘very British’...

107 Cowgate · Jan 19, 2012

Sects, Thugs And Myths Retold

By Patricia Walls My first encounter with Scottish sectarianism occurred way back in early 1997 in Glasgow.

107 Cowgate · Dec 21, 2011

Up The Ra And All That

By Jim Slaven It has now been a week since the SNP government passed their Offensive Behaviour Bill in the Scottish parliament.

107 Cowgate · Dec 13, 2011

Latest On Offensive Behaviour Bill

As the Scottish Parliament (or the Reichstag as one wit has taken to calling it) prepares to wave through the SNP’s Offensive Behaviour Bill there have been some interesting articles on the subject over the last few days...

107 Cowgate · Nov 29, 2011

Libya and the manufacture of consent- Chomsky Interview

This is Dan Glazebook’s fascinating interview with Noam Chomsky exploring his position on the recent attack on Libya and particularly his support for the Libyan contras. This is a difficult interview for me...

107 Cowgate · Nov 25, 2011

Open Letter From Political Prisoners in Maghaberry

A day in the life of a Maghaberry prisoner An open letter by DD McLaughlin, an Irish republican prisoner on protest against strip-searching and other abuses at Maghaberry...

107 Cowgate · Nov 18, 2011

New Statistics Show Catholics Targeted in Hate Crimes

Figures released today by the Scottish Government have shown that Catholics are over 4 times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime in Scotland.

107 Cowgate · Nov 16, 2011

Wolfe Tones’ Brian Warfield Letter To Scotland

The following is an open letter from Brian Warfield of the Wolfe Tones addressing recent attempts by the SNP and Scottish police forces to ban certain Irish songs. I am appalled at the policy of the Celtic Football Club board in the manner in which you ha...

107 Cowgate · Nov 8, 2011

Paul McBride To Join SNP

There really should be a question mark after that headline but we’re doing so well with our predictions we didn’t bother with it...

107 Cowgate · Oct 17, 2011

Daily Record Journalist In Racism Arrest

A senior journalist at the Daily Record has been arrested and charged with racist behaviour following a football match last month.

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