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ACSOM · Apr 9

ACSOM’s Mixtape Social Club # 2 – Andrew Rafferty’s Thursday Night Playlist

A Celtic State of Mind’s team of contributors love their music, and it is with this in mind that we will put together regular Mixtape Social Club playlists...

ACSOM · Apr 9

Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind – The Dogma of Tradition

In a previous life, I fancied myself as a bit of a fan activist and decided to dip my toe into those murky waters of ideals and reality...

ACSOM · Apr 7

What’s on ACSOM’s Stereo? Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross with new single ‘A Sensitive Man’

A Sensitive Man is the new single from Kevin P. Gilday and The Glasgow Cross, who seek to redefine masculine identity with their new anti-lad anthem...

ACSOM · Apr 7

One from the ACSOM Archive: David Sleight – Celtic and Liverpool… A Tale of Two Cities

This article originally appeared as part of THE PENALTY SPOT BLOG series on 22 July 2019...

ACSOM · Apr 5

What’s on ACSOM’s Stereo? Manc 4-piece IST IST with latest single ‘A New Love Song’

Arguably one of the most uncompromising and idiosyncratic acts around, Manchester’s post-punk quartet ist ist have been carving their own niche since their inception just over six years ago...

ACSOM · Apr 5

One from the ACSOM Archive: Kevin Graham: Are Red Bulls really only elephants?

The following article originally appeared on ACSOM on 10 October 2018: We need to deal with the elephant in the room.

ACSOM · Apr 3

Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind – Tommy Burns: Poetry in Motion

The voice of Kevin Graham will already be well known to listeners of the award-winning A Celtic State of Mind podcast.

ACSOM · Apr 2

What’s on ACSOM’s Stereo? Australian quartet PRIMO! with new single ‘Machine’

PRIMO! have announced the release of their second full-length album, Sogni, on April 17 via Upset The Rhythm.

ACSOM · Apr 2

Andrew Rafferty with A Celtic State of Mind – The Benelux Bhoys

Over the years, Celtic have seen players from many nations pass through Parkhead’s gates to play for the Green and White...

ACSOM · Apr 1

One from the ACSOM Archive – The remarkable rise of Scott Brown: The Ringleader of the Tormentors

This article was originally published on ACSOM on 25 September 2017: There will be no changing of the guard any time soon.

ACSOM · Mar 31

The band who wrote a song for A Celtic State of Mind have now had over a million hits

Ace City Racers were described by Clash Magazine as “Glasgow newcomers with guitar pop zest “ when they burst on to the scene with their Stephen Street-produced debut single Waiting back in 2015...

ACSOM · Mar 29

A Celtic State of Mind’s Decade of Dominance – League Match of the Decade

Since 2010, Celtic have won 8 league trophies, 5 Scottish Cups and 5 League Cups in what will be referred back to in history as the ‘Decade of Dominance’...

ACSOM · Mar 28

ACSOM’s Mixtape Social Club – Saturday Night Playlist #1

A Celtic State of Mind’s team of contributors love their music, and it is with this in mind that we have put together a Saturday night playlist It’s a simple concept – like mixtapes always were – and you might hear something long forgotten or brand new...

ACSOM · Mar 28

What’s on ACSOM’s Stereo? The Imbeciles’ eponymous debut LP

THE IMBECILES yesterday released their self-titled debut album of 13 imploded songs which rarely last more than two minutes.

ACSOM · Mar 28

NEW PODCAST: Screamacelica with Kevin Graham – Doves with ‘Lost Souls’

Andy Williams, the drummer of Manchester band Doves, is sitting in the control room of New Order’s studio in Cheetham Hill...

ACSOM · Mar 27

What’s on ACSOM’s Stereo? Basia Bulat’s new album ‘Are You in Love?’

Basia Bulat’s new album ‘Are You in Love?’ (produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket) is out now via Secret City Records.

ACSOM · Mar 27

Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind – Nostalgia and Change

There are places I’ll remember, All my life though some have changed.

ACSOM · Mar 26

The Kano Foundation’s Erin Boyle with A Celtic State of Mind – In Pictures

Erin Boyle joined A Celtic State of Mind in the studio shortly before the coronavirus lockdown to discuss her love of Celtic, recite some poetry, and explain how The Kano Foundation are continuing to do some hugely important work in their tenth year...

ACSOM · Mar 25

Declan McConville with A Celtic State of Mind – My Greatest Celtic XI

Fraser Forster La Gran Muralla is one of the only players (if not the only one) to have signed for Celtic four times...

ACSOM · Mar 24

Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind – My Greatest Celtic XI

When you see the question about Celtic’s greatest XIs and dare to look at the comments these selections generate, most go for the players that they believe are the best in their positions...

ACSOM · Mar 24

What’s on ACSOM’s Stereo? The Imbeciles with ‘Decider’

Ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album, out 27th March, THE IMBECILES present their new single ‘Decider’, out now.

ACSOM · Mar 24

Kevin McCluskie with A Celtic State of Mind – How Hungarian Football has reacted to the coronavirus

Coronavirus and Hungarian Football As a Celt living abroad, I’ve had the interesting experience of watching how the Scottish and Hungarian football /sports press have reacted to the current Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on sports in both countries...

ACSOM · Mar 22

What’s on ACSOM’s Stereo? Bethlehem Casuals with ‘The Drink’

When life gets tough, it’s not unusual to hit ‘The Drink’.

ACSOM · Mar 22

LATEST ACSOM PODCAST: St Roch’s – The St Pauli of junior football

St Roch’s have been described as, “The St Pauli of junior football,” so their appreciation among those of a Celtic persuasion should come as no surprise to most.

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