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Alex Thomson's View · Jan 29, 2013

After Rangers, English football warned: put your house in order

After the Rangers debacle, MPs tell English football it is time to put its own house in order – and stop taking financial risks that threaten the future of the game...

Alex Thomson's View · Jan 29, 2013

Why Rangers face a massive re-writing of football club history

Lord Nimmo Smith’s commission, which begins today, decides whether Rangers told the football authorities about the money they paid players as part of a tax avoidance scheme...

Alex Thomson's View · Jan 21, 2013

Scottish football: sport first, business second?

After the implosion of Rangers Football Club, Alex Thomson blogs on the latest initiative targeting Scottish football authorities...

Alex Thomson's View · Jan 2, 2013

A happy new year for Rangers fans?

Will 2013 see a return to football as normal for Rangers?

Alex Thomson's View · Dec 5, 2012

Are those who walked away from Ibrox mice or men?

Lead by example says Alex Thomson – show your loyalty to Rangers by volunteering to pay back the loans you got when times were good...

Alex Thomson's View · Dec 4, 2012

Rangers: were they cheating football, and the taxman?

Has Rangers cheated football, and has it cheated the taxman?

Alex Thomson's View · Nov 26, 2012

The great Rangers tax avoidance scheme

A tax avoidance scheme allowing some Rangers players and staff to receive millions of pounds without paying income tax is ruled within the law – but the authorities are considering an appeal...

Alex Thomson's View · Oct 26, 2012

Piercing the wall of silence surrounding Rangers ‘fans’

Letters filled with with HIV-contaminated razor blades – just one of the potential threats faced by Gary Allan QC, who sat on the Scottish Football Association panel which passed sanctions on Rangers FC...

Alex Thomson's View · Oct 12, 2012

Threats and silence: the intimidation by Rangers fans

An element of the Rangers customer base remains out of order and neither Rangers, nor Scotland’s football authorities, nor the police appear willing or able to do much about it...

Alex Thomson's View · Oct 5, 2012

Craig Whyte: further developments on the roofing front

Sorry, this story no longer exists on Alex Thomson's View.

Alex Thomson's View · Sep 25, 2012

The rulebook’s there – apply it to Rangers

It’s come to something when a Scottish law lord has to convene a press conference to reassert his own independence, but that’s what’s happened in relation to the Rangers saga writes Alex Thomson...

Alex Thomson's View · Sep 17, 2012

Rangers: Why I endorsed Downfall book

One or two Rangers supporters have been asking in recent weeks why I decided to write the foreword for Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s book on Rangers, Downfall...

Alex Thomson's View · Aug 12, 2012

Rangers: Confluence of interest

Alex Thomson blogs on the confluence, rather than conflict, of interest in the ongoing Rangers saga...

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 22, 2012

Why can’t we know what has delayed the Rangers Tax Tribunal?

Try as I might it is next to impossible to puncture the extraordinary secrecy surrounding the First Tier Tax Tribunal where the fate of Rangers is to be determined...

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 15, 2012

Rangers: the leaked e-mail

Here’s the email leaked to Channel 4 News last Thursday the details of which I blogged on Friday. Some club chairmen say that Mr Regan should now resign as a result of what’s going on here, back on June 23rd...

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 14, 2012

The League of Gentlemen – and “Rangers”

“This is a shabby deal, as clearly many Chairmen recognise, which is why several leaked what Green said to me yards from the front steps of Hampden Park.”...

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 13, 2012

Rangers: Division three?

“But do not rule out attempts – against all odds and against an overwhelming D3 mandate – by the SPL to try just this.”...

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 10, 2012

Your questions ‘answered’ by Football’s governing bodies

Does the Scottish Football Association consider itself bound by Friday’s vote?

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 7, 2012

Rangers: the vote that never was?

A senior Football League source has just leaked this to me.

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 6, 2012

Rangers: passion and commitment above all reason

Sorry, this story no longer exists on Alex Thomson's View.

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 4, 2012

Momentous day for Scottish football

Sorry, this story no longer exists on Alex Thomson's View.

Alex Thomson's View · Jul 3, 2012

Potential conflicts of interest at the heart of Scottish football

Channel 4 News has a Companies House list of Rangers shareholders for 2008 and 2010...

Alex Thomson's View · Jun 30, 2012

There are people in Hampden who have long predicted the Rangers meltdown

If Rangers Newco is simply invited into the First Division, what’s to stop any other club simply going bust and demanding the same treatment...

Alex Thomson's View · Jun 29, 2012

Scottish football’s last chance saloon

“A bizarre document the tone of which is near-panic”, Alex Thomson reviews the Scottish Football League’s proposals for Rangers’ future in Scottish football...

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