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I hate International breaks.

I must confess I distinctly dislike International Football weekends, we were on a nice roll and now the momentum has been broken.

We must not walk into a Trap.

It didn’t come as any surprise to anyone who watches Scottish Football that The Rangers have been charged again by UEFA for Racist behaviour by their fans during last week’s match versus Legia Warsaw.

If Magners did Flag Day’s.

Well that has to be the best Flag Day ever for the Famous Glasgow Celtic, everything went fantastically well, not least of all inflicting a 7-0 defeat on St Johnstone...

We all need to get behind Lenny. We are Celtic Football Club.

I watched St Mirren players and management running around celebrating staying in the SPL, I think that’s a bit embarrassing celebrating not getting relegated, I understand the supporters celebrating their team managing to stay in the top tier, but the players, or at least some of them should be looking in a mirror.That leads me to some of our own supporters, we have just won a Historic Treble Treble, and some are moaning about the appointment of Neil Lennon, and that is the cheap option, some of the comme...

Another letter to the SFA. Sack Fleming and appoint Whyte.

Dear Mr Maxwell,I think we have now passed the point of being in crisis when it comes to match officials and their performances in Scottish Professional Football, it would be hard for anyone to comment complimentarily towards our match officials, they have to be the most incompetent bunch of officials in World Football.Maybe there is a solution not too far from your desk Mr Maxwell, maybe you should sack the equally incompetent Head of Referees John Fleming, and appoint the Compliance Officer Clare Whyte...

Big Billy, the Giant’s Giant.

I don’t suppose it should have come as a shock to hear the tragic news that our Greatest ever Captain Big Billy McNeill had passed away.

McInnes plays the victim card again.

Derek McInnes brought yesterday’s defeat, and the manner of the defeat on himself and Aberdeen FC.

It was all Big Bad Broony’s fault.

It comes as no surprise to see and read that all the trouble yesterday was caused by Big Bad Scott Brown, Broony has been physically attacked by three different Sevco players, but it’s his fault, a bit like his Boss Lenny, when he was getting bombs and bullets sent to him, and when he was attacked by the Scumbag John Wilson at Tynecastle while just doing his job, the media told us he brings it on himself.I was surprised by the terminology used by Graham Spiers, one of the few Scottish journalists I have r...

It’s time Big Billy got the recognition he deserves.

When you look at the shambles that is Scottish Football, you wonder if there is somebody out there with the brains, stature, and honesty and integrity to drag this organisation into the 21st century...

Police & Stewards cannot Bully their way out of every situation.

Dundee Police have not had a good name with the Celtic Supporters for over 50 years, all stemming from when a Celtic Supporter died in the cells at the police station in Dundee, there was a very strong suggestion that the death was due to the supporter being assaulted while in custody.Yesterday in Dundee there seemed to be a larger than normal police presence, the same could be said of the Dundee FC Stewards...

The SFA and SPL sleepwalked into this crisis, We need to sort ourselves out.

Now that the unacceptable behaviour of a small majority of clowns at football matches has just escalated with the assault on Jack Grealish of Aston Villa, everybody and their cousin within the Scottish Media and Scottish Football Authorities has got an opinion, maybe if the same people had spoken out or acted a few years ago it wouldn’t have reached this stage.Before we go any further let’s get one point clear.

Forget Brendan Rodgers, and cut out the throwing coins and stuff.

Like every other Celtic Supporters I was shocked when Brendan Rodgers decided to leave Celtic before achieving a historic Treble Treble...

Was Brendan confident enough in his own ability to win 10 in a row?

Well it’s done now and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, except what we always do, move on, we have lost proper Celtic Legends in the past, Real Celtic Men, like Jock Stein, Big Billy McNeill, Davie Hay, and Tommy Burns...

Dear Mr Maxwell, the game is up. another letter.

Dear Mr Maxwell,I don’t really know how much longer you can sit back and ignore the crisis surrounding the performances of the match officials in Scottish football.

8 points clear is great, we can do without the coin throwing.

I’ve read a few times over the last year or so that Stevie Clarke will be the next Celtic Manager if and when Brendan decides to go, which hopefully is a few years away yet...

Tear up the Rule Book and start again.

Obviously the first thing you need to do to sort out a problem, is to admit that you have a problem in the first place.

Letter to Ian Maxwell No 3?

Below is another letter i’ve today sent to Ian Maxwell, Mr Maxwell didn’t cause all the cheating, but he’s got a chance to stop it if he takes up the challenge.Mr Maxwell,Thank you for your response on the 26th of January...

Letter to Ian Maxwell, not expecting a response.

I have written once again to Ian Maxwell, i have had no response to my last letter, so i’m not expecting one this time either, but we need to keep going at it until we get things changed.Dear Mr Maxwell,It didn’t take long after your summit at Perth for us to see it bearing fruits, about two days later Celtic Football Club were once again the beneficiary of another “Honest Mistake” Assistant Referee Ralph Gordon, although in perfect position manged to call for offside against Scott Sinclair when he was ve...

Don’t ask for change, Demand it.

One thing you can say about the SFA is, that nothing seems to happen in a hurry if it doesn’t suit their agenda.

Empty seats means empty bank accounts!!

I’ve spent better Sunday afternoons than yesterday at Easter Road, we were pretty poor and didn’t deserve anything out of the game, another ordinary team hustled us out of our own game plan with just sheer hard work, and it cost me in excess of £40 for the pleasure.I just didn’t understand the decision to greatly reduce our ticket allocation, for a team like Hib’s who continually moan about the turnover of Celtic FC, and the use of our financial dominance to continue to dominate Scottish Football.There h...

Another letter to Ian Maxwell.

I have today written to Ian Maxwell CEO of the SFA regarding the quality or rather lack of it with the match officials in Scottish Football.

Lack of Class Coming from Shinnie, that’s a laugh!!

Hypocrisy comes in many forms, and each of the forms have found a home at Aberdeen FC, how Derek McInnes and Graeme Shinnie continue to try to call out Scott Brown and Mikael Lustig while ignoring the behaviour of some of their own players is the personification of Hypocrisy.

Andrew Dickson, another anti-Celtic journo!!!

I would have thought that in an industry that supposedly caters to all those with a vested interest, that one would need to be impartial, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Scotland when it comes to football reporters and commentators, and it would appear even Police Officers, I’ll come to that later.I think I have said before I don’t know why footballers under a professional contract can be allowed to comment about another team, when he is not directly involved, right away you will have guessed I’m talk...

Poppy Nutters at it again.

It’s that time of the year again when the “Poppy Nutters” take over social media by demanding that everyone, no matter their background should wear a poppy...

We shall prevail.

Another very good display and result on Saturday against Hibs, following on from the great victory against St Johnstone in Perth, we look more like the Champion’s of the last two seasons under Brendan and his staff.I was quite impressed with Hibs and their tactics under Lenny, it wasn’t the usual flat back ten operated by most teams visiting Celtic Park, and they had a bit of a go, and gave me a bit of a sweat when they reduced the deficit to one goal twice, although we should have had the game sewn up by...

It’s all an attempt to destablilise Celtic FC.

Even in a weekend when Celtic as a club are not playing football, the Scottish Media can still find a way to be negative, and having said that, there wouldn’t have been many players from the first team squad who were not away on International duty, so it’s far from a free weekend for Celtic.Obviously the first issue was with Griff pulling out of the squad, we had clowns like Gordon Dalziel and Barry Ferguson stating he should never be picked for Scotland again, one of these clowns couldn’t get a game at t...

We are the Benchmark!!!

Yesterday at Perth was like watching the Celtic team of two years ago, everyone on the front foot with aggressive pressing of St Johnstone which was forcing mistakes, and what a performance from James Forrest, absolutely unplayable, he has set himself a high standard to try to get to again, with the right attitude there is no reason why he can’t, he has the speed and ability.Everyone connected to Celtic had a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon yesterday, the supporters went home happy, and the Manager, his s...

We need to stand together for the good of our Club.

I’ve been following Celtic for over 60 years, and nothing has changed in some respect to this day.

Letter to Ian Maxwell SFA

Below is a letter I sent to Ian Maxwell of the SFA yesterday at lunch time before the news broke that Steve Clarke had been cited to appear before the Disciplinary Panel for comments made regarding the same Panel.It is now time all clubs in Scotland and their supporters, demanded an inquiry into the workings of, and the operations of the Disciplinary Panel...

Serious consequences from a stupid decision!!

Fantastic all round team display yesterday, there was not one failure in our team, the only downside was that the score line didn’t accurately reflect the difference in class between the teams, the much praised Stevie G came for a draw, it was like watching a Walter Smith team all over again.We knew right from the moment Dodgy Dave King announced the new ticket allocation that there would be problems...

‘A Match For Cancer’ – Charity game tickets now on general sale

CELTIC FC Foundation are delighted to confirm that tickets are now on general sale for ‘A Match for Cancer’, this year’s charity game, which will take place at Celtic Park on Saturday, September 8, 2018 (KO: 2pm).The match will see Celtic legend, Stiliyan Petrov and Liverpool midfielder, James Milner pull together opposing squads, and a number of former players are already lined up, including Henrik Larsson, Lubo Moravcik, Hristo Stoichkov and Luis Garcia...

No comments recently?

I check in regularly to read the posts from Joe but nothing since 2nd August, if you’re on holiday Joe have a good one.

An Evening With Two Lisbon Lions!

Statistics: Posted by itw2016 — Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:38 am — Replies 0 — Views 2...

King and Logan at it again.

There are quite a few things wrong with Scottish Football, but I guess you could say that about every country that has football as its main national sport...

Come on over to our place, we’re having a Party.

I guess the best way for Celtic Football Club to be successful in Scottish Football is, whatever Sevco do, then do the opposite...

What’s next? No Catholic’s!!!!

Maybe when Dodgy Dave King conned his way back into Scottish Football, with the assistance of Stewart Regan and a few others, they should have just asked him to either take over completely, or to rewrite the rules to suit his own agenda.For all right thinking people it was astonishing that he was passed to be Fit & Proper in the first place, but then again, when you ask the person applying to pass themselves as Fit & Proper, what other outcome would you expect?

Tell them to Stick their Ticket’s!!!!!

I must admit when I saw the news yesterday about Sevco’s unilateral decision to cut Celtic’s allocation of tickets for the Bigot Dome next season, it didn’t come as any surprise, I had an inclination they would do that over a year ago.Whether that actually happens remains to be seen, it could just be another piece of skulduggery by Dodgy Dave King to sell season tickets, after all his marquee signings seem to be thin on the ground, and their gullible followers aren’t hard to dupe, in fact they actually th...

Puppet’s and Muppet’s

It’s been a nightmare for Jabba the Hutt trying to put a positive spin on Sevco when the Famous Glasgow Celtic have made History once again, but give him credit for trying at least.

Brendan suckers the Sports Writers. The Treble Treble is on!!

I had a fantastic weekend watching the Famous Glasgow Celtic become even more Famous, that’s if that is at all possible.

Logan and McInnes, a pair of Clown’s. Football Writers having a laugh.

It was a bit of a mixed bag yesterday, we lost a great home record, but still finished the season as the Champions again for the seventh time in a row, it’s only the third time we have achieved that record, so it was a great feeling...

Typical Scottish Media.

You would think with all the shenanigans going on with Sevco they would be the big negative story in the sport pages of the rags that try to pass as newspapers in Scotland...

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