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Serial Cheats at the SFA. What can we do about it?

It would appear that no matter what complaints and questions come to the SFA from the Supporters of Celtic FC, with regards to the way they (the SFA) operate, the SFA continue to rub our noses in it, and treat us with utter contempt by refusing to answer questions, or explain some of the actions they are responsible for.The shambles surrounding the charges against Sevco, and the refusal to take action against serial thugs Morelos and Kent, should embarrass the whole sorry lot of them...

Why all the secrecy? Time for change, and now.

It’s really comical the SFA asking Celtic, and other teams to squeeze another mid-week game in to an already crowded schedule.

Leaders & Followers, which are you Mr Maxwell?

My first thoughts when I read about the Ryan Christie decision was to write to SFA CEO Ian Maxwell, but then I thought again, I’ve written to Maxwell on numerous occasions and had one reply, so I won’t waste any more of my time writing to him direct, instead I’ll write this open letter to him.Mr Maxwell,In all walks of life there are Leaders, and there are followers, you basically tend to be one or the other...

Come back stronger is the only answer!!!!

Yesterday was not a good day for any of us Celtic Supporters.

This ir our City, and these are our Colours!!!

This is our City . And these are our Colour’s .I have to admit, yesterday was not one of our better displays this season.

It’s called Freedom of Choice. Congratulations to the Kano Foundation.

As expected there was a wee hangover from Thursday night’s endeavours, so we didn’t hit the heights, but still won comfortably enough in the end.

We can look forward to 2 hours of Racist/Sectarian Bile.

Much as I thoroughly enjoyed our victory over Hibs on Saturday evening at the dump that is Hampden park, I was disappointed with the result from yesterday’s other semi-final...


1/. Information for Celtic fans in next week:The Scots college in @ScotsCollegeIT extend an invitation to all Celtic supporters, wishing to join them in celebrating mass, at the Church of St Ignacio next Thursday morning7th Nov at 9:00am...

An open letter to Mr Maxwell.

Dear Mr Maxwell.After another abysmal performance from the “WORST REFEREE IN WORLD FOOTBALL” when are you going to get out of your comfy chair and actually do something to sort out the Refereeing Department at the SFA?

I hate International breaks.

I must confess I distinctly dislike International Football weekends, we were on a nice roll and now the momentum has been broken.

We must not walk into a Trap.

It didn’t come as any surprise to anyone who watches Scottish Football that The Rangers have been charged again by UEFA for Racist behaviour by their fans during last week’s match versus Legia Warsaw.

If Magners did Flag Day’s.

Well that has to be the best Flag Day ever for the Famous Glasgow Celtic, everything went fantastically well, not least of all inflicting a 7-0 defeat on St Johnstone...

We all need to get behind Lenny. We are Celtic Football Club.

I watched St Mirren players and management running around celebrating staying in the SPL, I think that’s a bit embarrassing celebrating not getting relegated, I understand the supporters celebrating their team managing to stay in the top tier, but the players, or at least some of them should be looking in a mirror.That leads me to some of our own supporters, we have just won a Historic Treble Treble, and some are moaning about the appointment of Neil Lennon, and that is the cheap option, some of the comme...

Another letter to the SFA. Sack Fleming and appoint Whyte.

Dear Mr Maxwell,I think we have now passed the point of being in crisis when it comes to match officials and their performances in Scottish Professional Football, it would be hard for anyone to comment complimentarily towards our match officials, they have to be the most incompetent bunch of officials in World Football.Maybe there is a solution not too far from your desk Mr Maxwell, maybe you should sack the equally incompetent Head of Referees John Fleming, and appoint the Compliance Officer Clare Whyte...

Big Billy, the Giant’s Giant.

I don’t suppose it should have come as a shock to hear the tragic news that our Greatest ever Captain Big Billy McNeill had passed away.

McInnes plays the victim card again.

Derek McInnes brought yesterday’s defeat, and the manner of the defeat on himself and Aberdeen FC.

It was all Big Bad Broony’s fault.

It comes as no surprise to see and read that all the trouble yesterday was caused by Big Bad Scott Brown, Broony has been physically attacked by three different Sevco players, but it’s his fault, a bit like his Boss Lenny, when he was getting bombs and bullets sent to him, and when he was attacked by the Scumbag John Wilson at Tynecastle while just doing his job, the media told us he brings it on himself.I was surprised by the terminology used by Graham Spiers, one of the few Scottish journalists I have r...

It’s time Big Billy got the recognition he deserves.

When you look at the shambles that is Scottish Football, you wonder if there is somebody out there with the brains, stature, and honesty and integrity to drag this organisation into the 21st century...

Police & Stewards cannot Bully their way out of every situation.

Dundee Police have not had a good name with the Celtic Supporters for over 50 years, all stemming from when a Celtic Supporter died in the cells at the police station in Dundee, there was a very strong suggestion that the death was due to the supporter being assaulted while in custody.Yesterday in Dundee there seemed to be a larger than normal police presence, the same could be said of the Dundee FC Stewards...

The SFA and SPL sleepwalked into this crisis, We need to sort ourselves out.

Now that the unacceptable behaviour of a small majority of clowns at football matches has just escalated with the assault on Jack Grealish of Aston Villa, everybody and their cousin within the Scottish Media and Scottish Football Authorities has got an opinion, maybe if the same people had spoken out or acted a few years ago it wouldn’t have reached this stage.Before we go any further let’s get one point clear.

Forget Brendan Rodgers, and cut out the throwing coins and stuff.

Like every other Celtic Supporters I was shocked when Brendan Rodgers decided to leave Celtic before achieving a historic Treble Treble...

Was Brendan confident enough in his own ability to win 10 in a row?

Well it’s done now and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, except what we always do, move on, we have lost proper Celtic Legends in the past, Real Celtic Men, like Jock Stein, Big Billy McNeill, Davie Hay, and Tommy Burns...

Dear Mr Maxwell, the game is up. another letter.

Dear Mr Maxwell,I don’t really know how much longer you can sit back and ignore the crisis surrounding the performances of the match officials in Scottish football.

8 points clear is great, we can do without the coin throwing.

I’ve read a few times over the last year or so that Stevie Clarke will be the next Celtic Manager if and when Brendan decides to go, which hopefully is a few years away yet...

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