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Daniel O'Connell · Dec 16, 2019

Rod Stewart or the Green Brigade? Rod. Every. Time

With their banner yesterday the Green Brigade showed us their true colours, and they’re not green.

Daniel O'Connell · Aug 8, 2019

Farewell then Kieran Tierney

So farewell then Kieran Tierney, the Bhoy who could have been King.I’m going to clear up a few misconceptions anyone might draw before I start.

Daniel O'Connell · May 31, 2019

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

It’s nothing new for football coverage in Scotland to accentuate the negatives for Celtic and the positives for Rangers*...

Daniel O'Connell · May 12, 2019

Overreacting to Defeat is a Bigger Problem Than Defeat Itself

This has been a terrible season. There’s no getting away from that.

Daniel O'Connell · Feb 15, 2019

Ten is All I Want

Last night’s defeat was hard to take. We held our own for most of the first half without really threatening Valencia and lost a stupid goal just before half time.

Daniel O'Connell · Jan 5, 2019

Referees, like Caesar’s wife, must be above suspicion

News has broken today that referee John Beaton has been on the receiving end of death threats following his performance in last week’s Glasgow derby at Ibrox.

Daniel O'Connell · Jan 4, 2019

The SFA on Trial

Football in Scotland is descending into farce once again and once again, the need to protect and promote Rangers* is at the heart of it.

Daniel O'Connell · Jan 3, 2019

Beaton On the Square

As I suspected would be the case, Alfredo Morelos is to face no action over three flashpoints in the recent Glasgow derby at Ibrox.

Daniel O'Connell · Jan 2, 2019

Rangers* and the Aye But Defence

With the SFA compliance officer looking at *three* separate incidents involving Alfredo Morelos in the recent match v Celtic, it brings into sharp focus the chaotic governance of football in Scotland when it comes to teams playing out of Ibrox.On too many occasions in the past apparently open and shut cases involving Ibrox clubs have been found to have previously unheard of complexities resulting in a Rangers branded club escaping punishment...

Daniel O'Connell · Dec 30, 2018

Beaton Fair and Square?

Let’s get the unpleasantries out of the way first.

Daniel O'Connell · Apr 12, 2018

The Split Has Got to Go

The furore over the post-split fixtures, once an annual farrago, has returned with a vengeance this year and many are blaming Sevco...

Daniel O'Connell · Nov 25, 2017

The Myth of the O F Duopoly

I don’t need to dig up the quotes from various Scottish football experts, blazers, ex-Rangers players and pundits...

Daniel O'Connell · Oct 27, 2017

The Champions League is Rigged

We all love hearing the Champions League anthem blaring at Celtic Park...

Daniel O'Connell · Jul 22, 2017

Green Brigade Statement

The Green Brigade has today released a statement on Celtic’s move to close their section of the stadium for two competitive matches, which is breathtakingly selfish and arrogant in equal measure...

Daniel O'Connell · Jul 21, 2017

We Have A Green Brigade Shaped Problem

It’s becoming almost tedious now. Big European occasion at Celtic Park, UEFA sanction for banner flown in Green Brigade section...

Daniel O'Connell · Jul 9, 2017

Football At War

As the clamour to strip titles from the now defunct Rangers Football Club’s historical record grows, I’m seeing increasing references on social media to Rangers now, “Going for 62...

Daniel O'Connell · Jan 2, 2017

Just Another Saturday

I used to love games against Rangers. There was nothing like the atmosphere at those matches and as a teenager I couldn’t get enough of it...

Daniel O'Connell · Aug 20, 2016

Do the Crime, Do the Time

Another European match, another UEFA fine for Celtic seemingly coming up, due to the selfish, self-indulgent student union politicking by the Green Brigade...

Daniel O'Connell · Apr 19, 2016

Celtic’s Hampden Problem

Sunday was hard to take. There’s no getting away from that and I’m not here to defend Ronny Deila, or say he should be given a second chance...

Daniel O'Connell · Mar 21, 2016

Supporting Celtic: It’s Not About You

Seems the knives are still out for Ronny Deila following what was in the end a successful trip to Rugby Park on Saturday...

Daniel O'Connell · Mar 18, 2016

Champions League: It should be clubs from the smaller associations breaking away

There seems to be something in the air recently regarding the future of European football, with big clubs making noises about their dissatisfaction with the Champions League, specifically the fact they (poor things) could theoretically be eliminated before the business end of the competition...

Daniel O'Connell · Nov 28, 2015

Celtic in Europe

The day I was born, Celtic played the newly crowned World Club Champions Feyenoord at Hampden Park, a Bobby Lennox goal being enough to give the Celts a 1-1 draw...

Daniel O'Connell · Nov 22, 2015

Celtic’s Socialist Roots

Continue reading “Celtic’s Socialist Roots” on Daniel O'Connell.

Daniel O'Connell · Nov 10, 2015

Rangers Must Accept the Consequences of Rule Breaking

If you were asked to name 10 Michael Douglas films it’s unlikely you would mention 1983’s The Star Chamber...

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