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The hell where youth and laughter go

Glasgow 1916The crowd was pressing in on all sides and there was an enormous din echoing around the great cavern of Glasgow Central station.

252 Steps to Heaven

Tony Bradley puffed as he continued his inexorable climb up the steep hill.

The Ugly Sisters

As I walked from Celtic Park towards the Gallowgate after last week’s Glasgow derby I could already hear the familiar sounds of sirens drifting on the chilly December air.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 29, 2019

The Story of Celtic

The end of a year is both a time to look forward and a time to look back.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 23, 2019

The Emerald Gem

The early 19th century was a brutal and dangerous time to alive especially if you came from the poorer parts of society.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 21, 2019

Oh my days

Watching young players come through the ranks and prosper at Celtic has been a pleasing aspect of following the hoops over the years.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 14, 2019

The H Word

Many years I go I lived and worked in England and being a keen Celtic fan it was hard not getting my weekly chance to see my team in action.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 8, 2019

The History Bhoys

Following Celtic for many years has taught me that there will be frustrating days, there will also be days when you don’t get the result your team’s play merits.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 30, 2019

A different level

This week has been a good one for Scottish football with the two Glasgow teams continuing to do well in Europe.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 23, 2019

The Ten

One of life’s ironies is that it often makes sense when you look back at it but it has to be lived going forward.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 16, 2019

What is truth?

It is recorded in the New Testament that around two thousand years ago the Roman Governor of Judaea, Pontius Pilate, during his questioning of Jesus asked him if he was a King.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 9, 2019

A labour of love

Celtic’s victory of SS Lazio in the Stadio Olympico on Thursday night was one of those occasions which will live long in the memory.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 2, 2019

The Green Thread

There were some interesting online debates this week about the place of politics in football.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 26, 2019

Suits and Soldiers

Celtic’s tumultuous late win over Lazio on Thursday night demonstrated why there are few places in Europe which can match Celtic Park on those European occasions.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 18, 2019

Have you no honour?

There is a scene in the epic historical drama ‘Troy’ when old King Priam of Troy watches in horror as the Greek warriors swarm into his holiest temple and begin smashing the statues and killing anyone who crosses their path.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 12, 2019

Boys Keep Swinging

John Doolin looked around the walls of the suite at Celtic Park where he was meeting a few friends for lunch before the league deciding game with Rangers; Brendan Rodgers’ side had swept all before them again and looked on course for a second straight treble.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 5, 2019

The Ghosts of Cable Street

Max Levitas was a child of Jewish refugees who had fled from the dreadful anti-Semitic pogroms in imperial Russia to begin a new life in Ireland.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Sep 30, 2019

The Jewel in the crown

September 30th 1944 was a time of great upheaval in Europe as the war dragged on but in the working class district of Viewpark near Glasgow there was some cheer as a baby boy was born to Matt and Sarah Johnstone.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Sep 21, 2019


Following disturbances at two Irish unity marches in Glasgow there was a somewhat hysterical reaction from some in the media who spoke of the scourge of sectarianism being back again and the usual nonsense was talked about the ‘divisive’ nature of Catholic schools.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Sep 14, 2019

Breathing Space

There has been much talk about Glasgow City Council’s decision to call a halt to four planned Loyalist Parades in the city this weekend and one Republican march.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Sep 7, 2019

Football, Fascism and a young girl’s diary

Celtic’s Europa League win at AIK Stockholm saw then safely through to the group stages where they will face old foes Cluj, Stade Rennes and SS Lazio.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Aug 31, 2019

Lancing the boil

Some years ago I was in the Broomloan stand at Ibrox for a Rangers v Celtic match.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Aug 24, 2019

The Road to God knows where

The supporters’ bus rattled along the A80 towards Falkirk and a trip to the quaint little stadium the Bairns called home.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Aug 17, 2019

A bridge too far

Celtic’s loss against Cluj was a severe blow to supporters who were keen for another crack at the Champions League.

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