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A bridge too far

Celtic’s loss against Cluj was a severe blow to supporters who were keen for another crack at the Champions League.

Quid Pro Quo

The emotional investment the average football supporter puts into his club often leads to some exaggerated reactions.

The strange case of the Carfin Emeralds

Jack Gillen was born in May 1916 in Moville, Donegal but like many folk from that fine county life was to bring him over the Irish Sea to Scotland.

Arguing for our limitations

There’s an old saying which goes; ‘Argue for you own limitations are sure enough they’re yours.’ We who inhabit the clannish and internecine world of Scottish football should heed well those words.

The Right Spirit

One of the features of modern football which exasperates me is the culture of diving which has become endemic.

The Sword which heals

I took a break and drove down to south to visit relatives this past week and was of course aware that Celtic’s first competitive match of the season was due to be played while I was there.

A Turnstile Click Away

From a mile off you could see the floodlights Illuminating the dark and brooding Glasgow skyA lighthouse, guiding the people safely home,From every street in Glasgow they came,Each soul, a raindrop adding to the riverFlowing inexorably towards Celtic Park.A small hand seeks the comfort of his father’sSenses sharpened by his first night match,The Gallowgate finds its voice as songsEcho off tenement walls which have seen it all,From strike, strife and Luftwaffe bombs,’What the hell do we care?

We won’t forget the tears

When the bones of three children were washed up on the shore of eastern Canada in 2011 there was of course an investigation into who they were and where they had come from.

The Cellist of Sarajevo

Celtic supporters know more than most that the character of some football clubs is inextricably linked to their history.

On the far side of revenge

I used to sit beside a quiet spoken man from Belfast in the Jock Stein Stand at Celtic Park.

The Death Match

Watching the excellent TV series ‘Chernobyl’ reminded me of a European tie Celtic took part in just a few months after the catastrophe at the nuclear plant in the Ukraine.

My Brother’s Keeper

Journalist Graham Spiers is a man I have a lot time for as he has had the courage to write with honesty about the sectarianism which scars the darker corners of Scottish society...

The laughter and the songs

After yesterday’s cup final I stood on the Gallowgate waiting with thousands of others for the Celtic bus to make an appearance.

Calling it out

The decision of Glasgow City Council to allow an Orange Parade to pass St Mary’s church in Glasgow’s east end last weekend caused much debate online.

The laughter and the tears

St Mungo’s parish Hall was packed with Celtic supporters from the local supporters club who had gathered for their players of the year celebration.

A Hero Going Home

The outpouring of genuine emotion over the passing of Billy McNeill reminds us of how closely we Celtic supporters are bonded to our stars of the past.

Farewell to the King

What can you say about Billy McNeill that hasn’t already been written? He was a leader, the alpha male of a pride of magnificent Lions who mauled all comers in Scottish football for a decade and led Celtic to a place among the most feared teams in European football.

The day the music died

The first concert I ever attended took place at the old Apollo theatre in Glasgow.

Mind the gap

Mind the GapThere was a feeling of déjà vu among Celtic supporters after last weekend’s win in the derby match against Rangers.

Bosnia with a ball

When I was a boy it’s fair to say that like most of my pals I was a bit obsessed by football.

Jump the final hurdles

The bar was crowded and the noise and laughter was seemingly getting louder at the night wore on and alcohol took its effect.

A little perspective

When I was a boy I queued outside Celtic Park on a bright August day for a Celtic match against Rangers.

The Fog

Ian slipped off his Celtic scarf and tossed it into the back seat of the car.

A different song

Celtic’s dramatic late winner at Tynecastle went down very well with the support, offering a much needed boost to morale following Brendan Rodgers abrupt departure.

Long live the King

There is no perfect time for a manager to leave a football club but Brendan Rodgers’ decision to walk out on Celtic at such a vital time of the season leaves a sour taste.

The Dark Ages

This has not been a good week for Scottish football nor indeed Scottish society.

The Screamer

Have you ever had a screamer behind you at the match? You know what I mean; someone who spends 90 minutes screaming out utterly inane drivel in the general direction of the playing field in a high pitched, screeching voice? Sometimes it’s a man and sometimes it’s a lady but always it’s annoying.

The Echo Chamber

Objectivity is often conspicuous by its absence in the clannish and suspicious world of Scottish football.

The old Celtic Magic

Ritchie McLaughlan looked around bowl of Hampden Park as they grey Glasgow sky threatened more rain.

What a performance

This week saw the passing of Hugh McIlvanney one of the true giants of sports writing on these islands.

A Celtic heart

The ragged, old woman knocked on the Head Master’s door in a quiet, respectful way as if she didn’t expect an answer.

Without fear or favour

More years ago than I care to remember I stood on the old cinder steps of the Celtic end at Hampden on a freezing December night watching Celtic play Rangers in a league cup semi-final.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 30, 2018

The Hunger

Celtic supporters have grown used to success in the Glasgow derby and yesterday’s loss was the first in almost 7 years in the league.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 30, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 23, 2018

Kingston Town

Tony McGuire glanced though the glass partition at the young woman who found making eye contact with him difficult.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 23, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 15, 2018

Take me to your Paradise

A damp mist hung in the chill December air as the noisy crowd exited the Broomloan Stand at Ibrox Stadium.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 15, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 11, 2018

Stripes like a zebra

Aberdeen Manager Derek McInnes was commendably clear in his condemnation of one of his own club’s supporters this week after a video surfaced online of Scott Sinclair taking a penalty during the League Cup Final.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 11, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 8, 2018

The changing of the guard

Paul Curran loved nothing more than the traditional family gatherings that took place every New Year for as long as he could remember.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 8, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 1, 2018

Dreams and songs to sing

Watching Celtic playing so well in that first half in Trondheim against Rosenborg gave us a glimpse of what Brendan Rodgers is trying to achieve at Celtic Park.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 1, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 24, 2018

The sweetest thing

Desmond Daly stood beside his son Charlie in the huge bowl of Celtic Park as the sound of U2 echoed in the dark November sky.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 24, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 17, 2018

The Brothers

Michael grinned at his older brother with that infectious smile of his, ‘You mean Saturday? I’m going on Saturday?’ he asked excitedly in that nasally tone of his.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 17, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 10, 2018

The Witches Cauldron

There was a moment midway through the second half of Thursday’s epic encounter between Celtic and RB Leipzig when the German side were starting to push Celtic back and looking more menacing.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 10, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 3, 2018

Calling it out

In an episode of Line of Duty, the BBC’s excellent police drama, Superintendent Ted Hastings played by Adrian Dunbar is asked if he could be letting race play a part in his motivation as he pursues corrupt black cop Tony Gates.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 3, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 30, 2018

A time and a place

Like over 30,000 other Celtic supporters, I travelled through to Murrayfied in Edinburgh for the League Cup Semi-Final with Hearts.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 30, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 26, 2018

Ordinary Angel

One of my earliest memories as a child concerns a time when I was about 7 years old.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 26, 2018
Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 19, 2018

The Know-Nothings

The nature of prejudice and its role in the subjugation of groups in just about every human society has long been discussed by social scientists.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 19, 2018
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