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Football for good

I had one of those conversations recently that occur every once in a while.

Ban of Brothers

Band of BrothersThere is a school of thought that suggests you get more emotional as you get older.

Extraordinary Times

Corona Virus 19 looks set to scupper what remains of the football season of 2019-20 season across Europe.

The bevy, the rebs and the laughs

Watching the Celtic support fill 70% of Livingston’s neat little Almondvale stadium got me thinking about times before all seated stadia were the norm and the capacity of most stadia was higher than it is today.

Be careful what you wish for

There are many ways of exiting European football in a given season and I’ve seen Celtic leave the stage in many of them.

Allez Les Verts

When I was a schoolboy, I made my way to Hampden Park with a couple of pals to watch Bayern Munich scrape past a very talented St Etienne team to win the European cup.There was no doubt that we were backing the a French side and it was not just because they wore green:they had also dumped Rangers out of Europe that season too.

Guns for hire

There was a time when the average football fan got all his news about his club from daily newspapers and some would even hang around the newsagents on a Saturday night to buy a ‘pink’ Times and read all about the game they had watched that afternoon.

Thirty pieces of silver

A Rangers supporting acquaintance said to me this week, ‘I suppose you’ll be buying Craig Whyte’s new book, all you Tims are obsessed with Rangers.’ I told him I wouldn’t as it was unlikely to contain anything we don’t already know and if it did it would be all over the tabloids anyway.

Lost in translation

A century ago Humbert Wolfe wrote a short epigram about the quality of British journalism which came to my mind this week as I watched the unfolding story of Morelos, Traynor and the shady manipulation of stories in the media.

Slaying the dragon

Oscar Wilde is credited with saying, ‘there’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about.’ It that context Kris Boyd’s comments on Leigh Griffiths’ mental strength during Wednesday’s Kilmarnock v Celtic fits a pattern in which pundits expound strong and often controversial opinions in order to get noticed, cause debate and in the end have more people tuning in to hear them...

The hell where youth and laughter go

Glasgow 1916The crowd was pressing in on all sides and there was an enormous din echoing around the great cavern of Glasgow Central station.

252 Steps to Heaven

Tony Bradley puffed as he continued his inexorable climb up the steep hill.

The Ugly Sisters

As I walked from Celtic Park towards the Gallowgate after last week’s Glasgow derby I could already hear the familiar sounds of sirens drifting on the chilly December air.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 29, 2019

The Story of Celtic

The end of a year is both a time to look forward and a time to look back.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 23, 2019

The Emerald Gem

The early 19th century was a brutal and dangerous time to alive especially if you came from the poorer parts of society.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 21, 2019

Oh my days

Watching young players come through the ranks and prosper at Celtic has been a pleasing aspect of following the hoops over the years.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 14, 2019

The H Word

Many years I go I lived and worked in England and being a keen Celtic fan it was hard not getting my weekly chance to see my team in action.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Dec 8, 2019

The History Bhoys

Following Celtic for many years has taught me that there will be frustrating days, there will also be days when you don’t get the result your team’s play merits.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 30, 2019

A different level

This week has been a good one for Scottish football with the two Glasgow teams continuing to do well in Europe.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 23, 2019

The Ten

One of life’s ironies is that it often makes sense when you look back at it but it has to be lived going forward.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 16, 2019

What is truth?

It is recorded in the New Testament that around two thousand years ago the Roman Governor of Judaea, Pontius Pilate, during his questioning of Jesus asked him if he was a King.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 9, 2019

A labour of love

Celtic’s victory of SS Lazio in the Stadio Olympico on Thursday night was one of those occasions which will live long in the memory.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Nov 2, 2019

The Green Thread

There were some interesting online debates this week about the place of politics in football.

Don't Let it Be Forgot · Oct 26, 2019

Suits and Soldiers

Celtic’s tumultuous late win over Lazio on Thursday night demonstrated why there are few places in Europe which can match Celtic Park on those European occasions.

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