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ETims · 9h

Celtic Diary Saturday March 28: While No One Is Looking

Dave King has finally done something he said he would.

ETims · Mar 27

Celtic Diary Friday March 27: Karma Virus New Threat

The coronavirus pandemic is, whether we like it or not, taking over our every wakingmoment, and no doubt quite a few of our sleeping ones...

ETims · Mar 27

Etims Quiz – Can you win The Sandy McMahon Cup!

We did a wee Podcast Quiz the other night (Link here –...

ETims · Mar 27

Etims Quiz – Can you win The Sandy McMahon Cup! – Answers

Hope you enjoyed THE QUIZ Answers below: Red ball Questions ————————– This Season =========== Who were Celtics last opponents?

ETims · Mar 26

Etims Quizball – The Inaugural Celtic Snooker Hoopy Quiz

Ralph, Hector and Monti join ETims Quizball Host Desimond for the first ever Etims Quizball aka The Snooker Hoopy Quiz...

ETims · Mar 26

Celtic Diary Thursday March 26: Going Back To Our Roots

Celtic have announced a further sum of money to help those who need it during the current health crisis FOLLOWING our Football for Good...

ETims · Mar 25

Celtic Diary Wednesday March 25: Nine In a Row?

It looks like the SPFL will be announcing the end of season 2019-20 very soon...

ETims · Mar 24

Celtic Diary Tuesday March 24: When You Walk Through A Storm

Well, you were told not to go out There’s little doubt the next few weeks are going to be tough...

ETims · Mar 23

Celtic Diary Monday March 23 : Coronacrisis: Stay Safe

With the football taking a back seat and the media coming out with stories that even our pish stained sources can only laugh at, we...

ETims · Mar 22

Celtic Diary Sunday March 22: Filling Space And Other Tittle Tattle

As the sports media try desperately to fill space on their pages and airwaves, we’re going to see a number of headlines and stories that...

ETims · Mar 21

Celtic Diary Saturday March 21: The Next Big Thing?

The idea of buying in young, prodigious talent and giving them a fast track to top level football continued with stories that Rodrigo Riquelme...

ETims · Mar 20

Celtic Diary Friday March 20 : Statements and Stubborn Staunchness

Neil Doncaster put his head above the parapet yesterday to take another round of gunfire from supporters who really should have realised by now that...

ETims · Mar 19

Celtic Diary Thursday March 19: Too Much Information

Whilst the airwaves and sports pages are full of who should be awarded what and when, it’s worth noting that outside your window there’s a...

ETims · Mar 18

Celtic Diary Wednesday March 18: Amidst All The Hysteria

Despite every man and his dog offering their opinions on how best to conclude the football season, with ideas ranging from the sublime to the...

ETims · Mar 14

The League Ends When The SPFL Say It Ends..As Do The Debates

Judging EBTs : guilty does his bit for sporting integrity and looks at the rules to pertaining who wins what and why when the league...

ETims · Mar 14

Celtic Diary Saturday March 14: Season’s End?

Although football has been suspended for now, there is no indication that the 2019-20 season has finished...

ETims · Mar 13

Celtic Diary Friday March 13 : Strange Days

Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday that all public gatherings will be banned...

ETims · Mar 11

Celtic Diary Wednesday March 11: Brave Beaton Makes Comeback

The build up to Sunday’s non event at Ibrox continued in perhaps a more subdued way than usual as Sky TV, realising that their prized...

ETims · Mar 10

Celtic Diary Tuesday March 10: Coronavirus, Cheltenham and Closure

I’ll keep this short, as I’ve heard you can pick up viruses from the laptop...

ETims · Mar 8

Celtic Diary Sunday March 8: Are We Nearly There Yet?

Certainly starting to look like it. Celtic hammered St Mirren 5-0 to move sixteen points clear at the top of the table, and whilst “rangers...

ETims · Mar 6

Celtic Diary Friday March 6: Relax..It’ll Be Fine

The ninth league title drew a little bit closer on Wednesday when Celtic fought back to gain a point at Livingston, a ground where they...

ETims · Mar 5

Broken Hearts CSC – Etims Podcast

Hector, Monty, Ralph ( and Charlie the dug) and Desi discuss the key turning of events in the League, the Cup and Europe...

ETims · Mar 5

Livi’ng on a Prayer

Well that was the Livingston game. Phew!

ETims · Mar 4

Happy St Fergus Day

On the day we celebrate Fergus McCann heres some of our tributes over the years The Bunnet – The Rebel Fergus Story in 3 Parts The...

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