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ETims · Apr 2

Celtic Diary Thursday April 2: Chaos and Confusion

Fancy none of you spotting or falling for the obvious April fool story in the diary yesterday...

ETims · Apr 1

Celtic Diary Wednesday April 1: League of Leagues

UEFA are talking, via video, to all 55 members this morning, and whilst solutions as to how to end this season so that no one...

ETims · Mar 31

Celtic Diary Tuesday March 31: April Fools Day Is Tomorrow

Today is actually National Tater Day, honouring the humble spud, though that could be equally apt Just to clear up any confusion at the Daily...

ETims · Mar 30

Celtic Diary Monday March 30: SPFL To Adhere To Rules?

What looks like a pitiful plea for help to UEFA for clarification on whether or not Celtic can be declared champions of Scotland appears to...

ETims · Mar 29

Celtic Diary Sunday March 29: Lennon, Leagues and Liars

After a week of quiet contemplation which is what I used to say when I’d had a day or two on the beer Neil Lennon has shared...

ETims · Mar 28

Celtic Diary Saturday March 28: While No One Is Looking

Dave King has finally done something he said he would.

ETims · Mar 27

Celtic Diary Friday March 27: Karma Virus New Threat

The coronavirus pandemic is, whether we like it or not, taking over our every wakingmoment, and no doubt quite a few of our sleeping ones...

ETims · Mar 27

Etims Quiz – Can you win The Sandy McMahon Cup!

We did a wee Podcast Quiz the other night (Link here –...

ETims · Mar 27

Etims Quiz – Can you win The Sandy McMahon Cup! – Answers

Hope you enjoyed THE QUIZ Answers below: Red ball Questions ————————– This Season =========== Who were Celtics last opponents?

ETims · Mar 26

Etims Quizball – The Inaugural Celtic Snooker Hoopy Quiz

Ralph, Hector and Monti join ETims Quizball Host Desimond for the first ever Etims Quizball aka The Snooker Hoopy Quiz...

ETims · Mar 26

Celtic Diary Thursday March 26: Going Back To Our Roots

Celtic have announced a further sum of money to help those who need it during the current health crisis FOLLOWING our Football for Good...

ETims · Mar 25

Celtic Diary Wednesday March 25: Nine In a Row?

It looks like the SPFL will be announcing the end of season 2019-20 very soon...

ETims · Mar 24

Celtic Diary Tuesday March 24: When You Walk Through A Storm

Well, you were told not to go out There’s little doubt the next few weeks are going to be tough...

ETims · Mar 23

Celtic Diary Monday March 23 : Coronacrisis: Stay Safe

With the football taking a back seat and the media coming out with stories that even our pish stained sources can only laugh at, we...

ETims · Mar 22

Celtic Diary Sunday March 22: Filling Space And Other Tittle Tattle

As the sports media try desperately to fill space on their pages and airwaves, we’re going to see a number of headlines and stories that...

ETims · Mar 21

Celtic Diary Saturday March 21: The Next Big Thing?

The idea of buying in young, prodigious talent and giving them a fast track to top level football continued with stories that Rodrigo Riquelme...

ETims · Mar 20

Celtic Diary Friday March 20 : Statements and Stubborn Staunchness

Neil Doncaster put his head above the parapet yesterday to take another round of gunfire from supporters who really should have realised by now that...

ETims · Mar 19

Celtic Diary Thursday March 19: Too Much Information

Whilst the airwaves and sports pages are full of who should be awarded what and when, it’s worth noting that outside your window there’s a...

ETims · Mar 18

Celtic Diary Wednesday March 18: Amidst All The Hysteria

Despite every man and his dog offering their opinions on how best to conclude the football season, with ideas ranging from the sublime to the...

ETims · Mar 14

The League Ends When The SPFL Say It Ends..As Do The Debates

Judging EBTs : guilty does his bit for sporting integrity and looks at the rules to pertaining who wins what and why when the league...

ETims · Mar 14

Celtic Diary Saturday March 14: Season’s End?

Although football has been suspended for now, there is no indication that the 2019-20 season has finished...

ETims · Mar 13

Celtic Diary Friday March 13 : Strange Days

Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday that all public gatherings will be banned...

ETims · Mar 11

Celtic Diary Wednesday March 11: Brave Beaton Makes Comeback

The build up to Sunday’s non event at Ibrox continued in perhaps a more subdued way than usual as Sky TV, realising that their prized...

ETims · Mar 10

Celtic Diary Tuesday March 10: Coronavirus, Cheltenham and Closure

I’ll keep this short, as I’ve heard you can pick up viruses from the laptop...

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