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ETims · Jan 20

Celtic Diary Monday January 20: Muir Makes His Presence Felt…Again

Celtic managed to overcome Partick Thistle despite all the usual pitfalls associated with having refereee Alan Muir anywhere near the game...

ETims · Jan 18

Celtic Diary Saturday January 18: Compliance Officer Backs Down

The SFA may have reshuffled the key positions in the organisation over the last year or so, but the standard of applicant seems to have...

ETims · Jan 17

Partick v. Celtic Match Preview-Or Should We Boycott?

Yokerbhoy looks ahead to the return of football, but also asks a pertinent question IS THIS THE BEST TIME TO BOYCOTT THE SCOTTISH CUP?

ETims · Jan 17

Celtic Diary Friday January 17: The Scottish Cup…Worth It Or Not?

As far as I’m concerned, no, but you are perfectly entitled to your opinion, and you may add it if you like below...

ETims · Jan 13

Celtic Diary Monday January 13: Rumour Round Up

And i suppose a few facts as well, which might lend the piece a bit of credibility.

ETims · Jan 10

Celtic Xmas Cracker – Miracle on New Street

Reposting this piece from 2016 as a tribute and thank you to Scott Sinclair for his wonderful contribution and professionalism to our Celtic cause...

ETims · Jan 8

The Decade Box Set – 10 Years of Celtic Pain and Glory

A final round up of the recent “That was the Decade That Was” series: It looks back at the last 10 seasons or so and...

ETims · Jan 7

Celtic Diary Tuesday January 7: Interview With A Vampire

Ryan Christie has been banned for three games after an SFA Disiplinary Panel, or whatever it is they call it, found2 him guilty of checking...

ETims · Jan 6

Celtic Diary Monday January 6: The Perfect Storm

The players are back in training now, having had a week to do more or less what they want before the hard work begins...

ETims · Jan 6

Resolution 12 Update

There’s been a sudden interest from the media in Resolution 12, as the owners of a couple of newspapers realise that they may well miss...

ETims · Jan 5

Celtic Diary Sunday January 5: And Now for Something Completely Different

From the performances since Celtic played and won against Lazio in Rome, it’s clear that there’s maybe been a need for an injection of enthusiasm...

ETims · Jan 5

That Was The Decade That Was : Dreams and Decades End

And so we come to the most recent seasons of our Celtic Football decade...

ETims · Jan 4

Celtic Diary Saturday January 4: Strange Things Are Happening

Not just for me personally. Having got a bad back, which is causing me more pain than all of the backs at Celtic, though it’s...

ETims · Jan 2

Celtic Diary January 2: Fake News And False Claims

It’s been four days since the Celtic “rangers” game...

ETims · Jan 1

Celtic Diary Wednesday January 1: Happy New Year

Lang may yer lum reek!

ETims · Dec 31, 2019

Celtic Diary Tuesday December 31: Return Of The O** F***

Of course, you and I know that unless someone pays tens of millions of pounds to the creditors of Rangers, and rescues them before they...

ETims · Dec 30, 2019

That Was The Decade That Was : This Invincible Charming Man

We are now passed midway of the Decade. We have moved on from discussing Ronnie’s seasons in That was the Decade that Was : A...

ETims · Dec 30, 2019

Celtic Diary Monday December 30: Trouble at T’Mill

Celtic lost 2-1 to “rangers “ yesterday, largely because it appears the manager doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, whereas the rookie Scouser, often...

ETims · Dec 29, 2019

Celtic Diary Sunday December 29: Smell Their Fear

The first half of the season comes to a close today as Celtic face plucky newcomers “rangers “ at Celtic Park...

ETims · Dec 28, 2019

Celtic Diary Saturday December 28: Lennon Quiet While Gerrard Panics

Well, it’s that time again. The marketing men at Sky, the mainstream media in Scotland and anyone else who is out to make a few...

ETims · Dec 27, 2019

Celtic Diary Friday December 27: Nearly There…

Celtic triumphed in what could have been a tricky tie in Paisley yesterday thanks to goals from Calum MacGregor, who was due one, and James...

ETims · Dec 26, 2019

Celtic Diary Thursday December 26: Back To Work

Celtic make the short hop to Paisley this afternoon for a 3pm tussle with St Mirren...

ETims · Dec 25, 2019

St Mirren v Celtic Match Preview

Yokerbhoy illustrates that it might not just be one of those freak holiday period results against a battling St Mirren side who have it in...

ETims · Dec 25, 2019

A Christmas Message

Today is all about family and friends, about having those nearest and dearest close to you and reminding yourself why they are your nearest and...

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