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Half Hour Hoops · Jan 21

HHH #93 It’s Fine

Peter and Lewis discuss the perfectly fine cup win .fine @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Jan 17

HHH #92 Half Term Report

Peter and Lewis are back for 2nd time this week with the 2nd part of the half term report...

Half Hour Hoops · Jan 14

HHH #91 Ooh Aah Klimala!

Peter and lewis discuss the latest ins and outs at Celtic...

HHH #90 New Year, Nay Fear

Peter and Lewis back after our half hour hiatus to delve deep into the loss to Rangers @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Nov 5, 2019

HHH #89 Scott to Trot

Peter and Lewis with the latest Celtic news and match reaction @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Oct 29, 2019

HHH #88 Fuck Yer Il Duce

Peter and Lewis return after a couple weeks off to discuss Celtic @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Oct 9, 2019

HHH #87 Clujing for a Bruising

Peter and Lewis discuss the past week, good and bad @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Oct 3, 2019

HHH #86 Frimpong Ping Pong

Peter and Lewis discuss the last week in planet Celtic @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Sep 24, 2019

HHH #85 Saving Pens & A Point in Rennes

Peter and Lewis this week discuss another good week for the tic @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Sep 17, 2019

HHH #84 3 Points? Not Great, Not Terrible

Peter and Lewis this week discuss the thrill ride that was the Hamilton game @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Sep 10, 2019

HHH #83 Own the Pitch

Peter and Lewis look over the Scotland games. Bit of news and the segments are back baby!

Half Hour Hoops · Sep 3, 2019

HHH #82 Eez-eh!

Peter, Ryan and Stephen discuss a very good week for Celtic in Europe and a wee skelping Neil Lennon .an apology...

Half Hour Hoops · Aug 28, 2019

HHH #81 Moritz A Grand Old Team To Play For

Peter and Ryan discuss the last 2 games and some breaking news on our new RB...

Half Hour Hoops · Aug 19, 2019

HHH #80 After Extra Time

Peter, Ryan and Lewis cover the lacklustre game from the weekend @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · Aug 14, 2019

HHH #79 Fucked It Celtic

Listen to “HHH #79 Fucked It Celtic” by Half Hour Hoops.

Half Hour Hoops · Aug 6, 2019

HHH #78 Pre Season Cup Over

Peter, Ryan and Lewis this week run down the excellent flag day performance from Celtic...

Half Hour Hoops · Aug 1, 2019

HHH #77 Shved Lets Rip.

Solo pod this week by Peter covering the latest, should be back to normal next week...

Half Hour Hoops · Jul 25, 2019

HHH #76 Kalju Believe It

Peter and Lewis this week are back after a 3 week break...

Half Hour Hoops · Jul 2, 2019

HHH #75 Summertime Madness

Peter and Lewss catch up with all the latest news and gossip as the proper football draws near...

Half Hour Hoops · Jun 13, 2019

HHH #74 A New Face

Peter, Ryan and 2nd half Stephen go over the Scotland game and the latest news at Celtic...

Half Hour Hoops · May 28, 2019

HHH #73 Treble Treble

Peter, Stephen and Lewis discuss Celtics historical treble treble.

Half Hour Hoops · May 20, 2019

HHH #72 Trophy Day,You Love To See It

Peter, Ryan and Lewis discuss the trophy day victory over Hearts @halfhourhoops...

Half Hour Hoops · May 15, 2019

HHH #71 Pish

Peter and Lewis discuss the old fi ..Glasgow derby defeat groan...

Half Hour Hoops · May 8, 2019

HHH #70 Champions Again, As You Know

Peter, Ryan and Lewis discuss Celtic clinching the title at the weekend...

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