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Indy Celts · Jan 24

Boyd vs Griffiths: The real reason the cheerleader is obsessed

Have you heard that fairytale about Kris Boyd being more prolific than the King of Kings?

Indy Celts · Dec 15, 2019

Lennon’s formation is Nir unique

There was a lot of conjecture about Lennon and his earlier preference of 4-4-2 from his earlier tenure, that said, everyone was playing that at the time, his latest formation looks different to anything we are seeing...

Indy Celts · Dec 11, 2019

Pressure rises on Newco as Alfredo valuation tumbles

We have been told that Alfredo Morelos will not be allowed to leave for 40 million quid in January, something that is very true as no one will pay it, but what if a bid of 5-8 million with add ons of a few million more came in?

Indy Celts · Dec 10, 2019

Deluded Durham calls Celtic ‘Cheats’ and compares us to Oldco over Fraser loan

For starters, Adrian Durham has skated around open slander in his rant against Celtic saying that we have ‘cheated’ our way to the Betfred Cup.

Indy Celts · Dec 9, 2019

Activate permanent clause and sign Forster

It was reported with a fair sprinkle of salt by the Evening Times that Celtic had inserted a permanent transfer clause in the loan deal with Hoops hero Fraser Forster, this January is the time to activate that clause if he will agree to a pay cut...

Indy Celts · Dec 8, 2019

The Rangers £50 million gamble backfires

10 trophies straight, drink it in Tims, but at the same time make sure you have some room left for some cream bun tears as they have just thrown away a fortune and a trophy all at once...

Indy Celts · Dec 7, 2019

4 records on the line at Hampden the press dare not talk about

For starters, Rangers died, we are playing a new club, but if you listen to the Lamb Corp then the all-time records are unaffected so for the purpose of this article I will look at the combined tally and Celtic’s chance to rewrite the record books tomorrow...

Indy Celts · Dec 6, 2019

18 goal striker to Paradise a better January option than Shankland

There is a lot of talk about our striking options in the last 3 games with French Eddie unavailable and Griffiths coming off the bench behind Morgan, the need for a striker in January is stark and whilst Celtic love to cast the net wide, maybe the man we need is closer to home...

Indy Celts · Nov 30, 2019

£8 million for 18 months of Zlatan? 60% say YES

Firstly thank you to the 8,200 voters on the poll and to the 131 very entertaining comments on the post, it really was a divisive one and I thought about not writing this, but hell, with all the talk of forward reinforcements I will appraise the elephant in the room, as it were...

Indy Celts · Nov 27, 2019

Brendan set for Celtic double raid

Former Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers is reportedly poised to raid Celtic this January with two players in his sights...

Indy Celts · Nov 26, 2019

Sevco search for sugar daddy as King abdicates before execution

Ahhh the banter years, aren’t they just wonderful, another one bites the dust as yet another successor to Charlie Green does walking away without a trophy to his name...

Indy Celts · Nov 15, 2019

Peak banter years: Joy to pain with confusion all around

In 2012 there was a very funny Youtube animation called “Explaining debt to a H*n” I am sure you have seen it, if not it is here below, spend 4 minutes giggling and wonder at how the evolutionary failures still are yet to Progres...

Indy Celts · Nov 14, 2019

The Times releases Oldco squirrel as Newco runs out of money

The story on everyone’s lips is that HMRC overestimated a bill that was due from Oldco Rangers (RFC 2012) to the tune of 50 million pounds, a princely sum of no consequence, they still owed a fortune to the 271 other creditors, had sold their season tickets to Ticketus for 3 years and were toxic Continue Reading →...

Indy Celts · Nov 12, 2019

Announce Fraser for five

For all our heroics against Lazio we all know that the crucial saves from Fraser Forster kept us in the game...

Indy Celts · Nov 11, 2019

Separating Bhoys from Them

After the international break we are going to see a glut of fixtures in Scotland’s notorious winter with the heat well and truly turned up on both Glasgow teams...

Indy Celts · Nov 10, 2019

Late bloomer deserves a new deal, make him a Celt for life

Football is a funny game, no sooner have you ruled a line through a player a chance comes their way, they shine and the next thing you can’t imagine your club without them in the team...

Indy Celts · Oct 13, 2019

Cold shouldered King threatens from afar

The Rangers chairman Dave King has finally been cold shouldered after his months of intransigence against the charges against him, charges that he admitted at the death whilst playing the victim card to the horde...

Indy Celts · Sep 21, 2019

McCann the Bhoy that never was can’t stop howling

The pain in Neil McCann can’t be underrated, after being passed by Celtic and having signed for a team he would have grown up hating, the Oldco player can’t console himself in the shadow of his childhood idols...

Indy Celts · Sep 17, 2019

SMSM operation sell Alfredo for Sevco’s sake turns to operation sell Eddie for FFS

The SMSM is an amazing thing, they seem to know about what is going on in Dortmund, China, Milan, Leicester, Newcastle and even Napoli but can never provide a quote to back up anything they ever print...

Indy Celts · Sep 11, 2019

Time to turn the Heat up on Sevco, they are weak and divided

Celtic take on a weak Hamilton team, itself after last years showing was one of the worst teams to survive the drop, had it not been for Dundee FC managing an even worse season they would be down...

Indy Celts · Sep 10, 2019

3 full debuts vs Hamilton as Europe nears

Celtic had a very busy window, one of the best I have ever witnessed with both established players and projects brought in equal number, with a glut of fixtures upon us, these 3 must start...

Indy Celts · Sep 5, 2019

Announce contract extension for Edouard, huge buyout clause after the 10

Odsonne Edouard has come of age at Celtic this season, it was just a month ago that Chris Sutton himself was critical of his work ethic, but now the conversation among journalists is getting him out the door before he can hunt down the 9 and the 10...

Indy Celts · Sep 3, 2019

Hilarious banter years thread goes viral. Link inside, click, laugh and comment

The ‘Banter years’ themselves coined by the comical Chris ‘Union’ Jack from Sevco Fanzine the Evening Times have been a very special time in all of our lives, but few Bampots have summed it up better than the Celtic F1rst account on Twitter...

Indy Celts · Sep 3, 2019

Midnight madness! What a team, what a squad, what a gaffer, the 9 is ours to lose.

Celtic have not disappointed late in the window bringing in the reinforcements to our backline that were not so much desperately needed but hungrily craved...

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