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Lennon says No Football for 13 weeks, players back at Lennox answers if Eddie will sign on for 10IAR

Neil Lennon has spoken to BBC Five Live about 3 of the hottest topics for Celtic fans, the return of Football, possible cuts to wages and staff and the hottest topic of all, keeping Edouard in Hoops for what we presume will be a shot at the 10 in a row...

Indy Celts · Mar 30

The one player at Sevco we should buy off the administrators

We are hearing that the season is likely to be called over and delivered rightfully to Celtic, we are also hearing that the SFA are going to invoke the Force Majeure and allow clubs to enter admin without the requisite 15 point deduction, in fairness, this is an unseen circumstance, well at least for those Continue Reading →...

Indy Celts · Mar 29

Tactical admin nears as finances are revealed

This week we said goodbye to a true hero of the banter years, a man who battered The Rangers just as they started formulating a business plan based on profit, a man who drove a bonafide billionaire away from Ibrox, who screwed them with dodgy retail deals, cold-shouldered their business operations and handed Celtic 10 Continue Reading →...

Indy Celts · Mar 28

SFA scramble for Diet reboot of SPFL

Many years ago, less than one after Armageddon as it were, there was talk of a complete change of the entire Football pyramid, of course, one club became angered that its promotion would become meaningless and demanded to be promoted 2 tiers, the plan failed and hasn’t been heard of again since...

Indy Celts · Mar 27

King hit! Rangers reeling as chairman jumps sinking ship with anchors attached

Let us be clear, Dave King may well be in isolation due to the coronavirus, but it is very convenient timing for him to pull the plug on his time at Sevco as chairman...

Indy Celts · Mar 27

Possible Celtic rescue package for smaller Scottish clubs a hot topic

Lets all do the huddle is one of my favourite pages on Facebook, whereby the admin writes long posts that themselves are like blog posts, they are often entertaining and provoking, yesterday’s whilst not something I entirely agree with has merit, the idea of Celtic financially helping clubs down the ladder in this time of crisis...

Indy Celts · Mar 24

Administration at Newco is -15 points, if it happens before June 30 we are Champions regardless

There is a lot of talk about voiding seasons, something that all sane commentators have avoided, Ra Peepa have pointed at math to explain their case, apparently the 8-year-olds can still win their 55th, but what if they can’t get their emergency loans in?

Indy Celts · Mar 23

Cutting the wage bill a grim reality for all, including Celtic

The COVID-19 crisis which has swept the planet isn’t going away, nor are job losses, quarantine, hoarding of goods, arguments over titles or financial problems for Football clubs unable to fathom the depths of this emergency, Celtic having the highest budget has worked in our favour for years, but going forward, that will not be Continue Reading →...

Indy Celts · Mar 19

Banter years on steroids, Sevco’s deathwish over 9IAR

As I write this Celtic’s share price is falling drastically, not because our club is poorly managed, but because all shares are tanking, well all shares that are actually listed that is...

Indy Celts · Mar 16

2 ways Corona crisis will give Celtic 10 in a row

The season may well have come to a premature end but two advantages it will leave behind will undoubtedly help Celtic in the quest for the magical 10 in a row...

Indy Celts · Mar 16

Sevco’s 13 points in last 9 games

Rangers last 9 games have been a mixed bag with unlikely wins over Braga surrounded by a domestic tale of woe and of course a spanking on that pigsty of a pitch by Leverkusen.

Indy Celts · Mar 15

Sevies joy to dismay in a day

It is endemic of the people, or maybe pandemic of Them, as the hour dictates, that misunderstanding everything is an excuse to be temporarily happy before reverting to being permanently angry...

Indy Celts · Mar 14

If imperfect season is voided, we must revisit the asterisk years

There are a lot of moon howlers doing the bouncy and getting themselves all excited about how either this season will be voided or an asterisk added in their deluded little KKKultue as an escape clause should they concede the 10...

Indy Celts · Mar 13

Follow Follow in meltdown as Celtic set to be awarded title

The Bears are not happy with the idea that the league may not be completed and Celtic awarded the title, there is already a thread of rage on Follow Follow which is truly amusing...

Indy Celts · Mar 10

Failed Ibrox trips cure found, time to apply it

Last week we watched Celtic comprehensively dismantle St.

Indy Celts · Mar 9

Nacho Novo shows his attacking prowess

There are lots of colourful characters which hang like flies around the dead carcass of Rangers and buzz into our news feeds intermittently, usually when writing utter pish in the DR, but Nacho Novo is different, he doesn’t write the stories but manages to find himself in them more often than not...

Indy Celts · Mar 8

Celtic must answer pressing question at Ibrox

Since Rodgers left in the night Celtic has struggled against the 8-year-old club under Neil Lennon, the high press employed by the Ibrox club and some strange selections have seen us defeated when our form suggested we would win...

Indy Celts · Mar 3

Celts flood Alfies crocodile tears on Twitter

Alfredo Morelos has apologised for his recent woes with a heartfelt plea to the easily swayed, he has said he will show everyone how much the club means to him...

Indy Celts · Mar 3

The deal to seal the 10 is on the table

The news that Celtic are offering Odsonne Edouard a new improved deal has Celtic fans treading on egg shells, it is too good to be true...

Indy Celts · Mar 1

Celts flock to video as Jambos troll hurting Sevies

The banter years are getting better and better with 9 in a row looking more and more certain, some Hearts fans are rubbing the 10 in a row pain into the 8-year-old club at Tynecastle...

Indy Celts · Feb 29

Twitter shits itself laugh at Zombies meltdown, on and off the field

What a day!

Indy Celts · Feb 27

96% demand FFP for Scotland with bans and stripping as punishment

In the wake of Manchester City falling foul of FIFA Fair Play regulations and potentially having points deductions both in the future and retrospectively, fans are calling for the introduction of the same rules in Scotland...

Indy Celts · Feb 26

Closed stadium beckons Scotlands Shame after 3rd offense in a season

Once again the vilest fans in Europe have gone on tour with their foul song book in tow, this time singing “We hate Catholics” on a Ryanair flight whilst reportedly kicking chairs drunkly on a commercial flight before descending on the terrace with their hate filled anthems easily heard...

Indy Celts · Feb 25

Jabbas fingerprints on Slippys managerial coffin

We are blessed to be in a leap year as we get an extra day of what has been a wonderful February, we have seen a relentless Celtic and a stuttering Newco lay down a run in that is there to be savoured, but who is to blame for the calamity across the city?

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