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Larry Cafiero · Feb 21

Kelly won the league at K-Park

I think I’ve seen this movie before: The team captain, a midfielder, painfully late in the game on a corner kick that goes amiss, rams home the winning goal with seconds left to spare in injury time...

Larry Cafiero · Feb 21

Drawing conclusions

First things first: I wish I lived closer to Millbrae, where the San Francisco Celtic Supporters Club meets to watch Celtic games at an Irish pub called Fiddler’s Green...

Larry Cafiero · Feb 13

‘You Gotta Have Heart(s)’

In the musical “Damn Yankees,” the manager of the Washington Senators breaks into one of the theatrical performance’s songs about having “heart.” It’s guts, the will to face adversity, the ability to believe that you can overcome sometimes overwhelming odds.

Larry Cafiero · Feb 12

Game-day rituals: Yours, mine and ours

A quick post while we await the start of the match against Hearts at Paradise: I know everyone probably has their own game-day rituals, some perhaps more elaborate than others, and I wanted to share mine before actually starting them for today’s game...

Larry Cafiero · Feb 6

Focus, focus, focus

Taking a look at all that’s going on in Scottish football over the last couple of weeks, it appears that distractions are rearing their ugly heads and overwhelming the general public in general, and football fans in particular, in tsunami-sized waves.

Larry Cafiero · Jan 31

Closing the window

One of the advantages — probably the only advantage — of living 5,000 miles west of Glasgow is that the transfer window closes here before the sun goes down...

Larry Cafiero · Jan 28

Random thoughts, cheap shots, bon mots 2: The sequel

Because I still have my head buried in a tsunami of documents related to my previous post — and thank you to Auldheid for the great interview — I thought I’d take a break from my “homework” to make a few observations about the last two wins by the Hoops, and other items of perceived...

Larry Cafiero · Jan 21

Tangled Web: Sorting out Res 12 from across the pond

Resolution 12. UEFA Article 12. LNS Commission and Decision.

Larry Cafiero · Jan 17

Buffalo gals, won’t you come out tonight?

While a lot of the focus on “who will Celtic sign” is aimed primarily on the men’s team at the moment, the newly professional Celtic FC Women have been hard at work, signing players and a new coach...

Larry Cafiero · Jan 11

Interview: The Celtic Star/Celtic Noise’s Sandman

Let’s take a page from Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” .

Larry Cafiero · Jan 9

Welcome to Miami, Lewis Morgan

Reading the reports from this morning — this morning, Pacific Standard Time, that is — it appears that the fledgling Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami, David Beckham’s new entry into Major League Soccer this year more commonly known as Inter Miami, has obtained the services of one Lewis Morgan, an as-of-today former Celtic winger...

Larry Cafiero · Dec 25, 2019

12 Days of Christmas, Celtic style

On the first day of Christmas, the Celtic gave to methe European Cup trophy.

Larry Cafiero · Dec 16, 2019

Oh my days! Five takeaways from Celtic-Hibs

Well, you have to hand it to Celtic FC: Thank you for letting me sleep in on Sunday.

Larry Cafiero · Dec 8, 2019

Oh, Hampden in the Rain…

There I was, laying in bed on Sunday morning looking up at the red 3:45 on the alarm clock.

Larry Cafiero · Dec 5, 2019

Moment to moment

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Whew. After today’s game with Hamilton Accies, I am going to forgo the usual “five takeaways,” because there is really only one...

Larry Cafiero · Dec 3, 2019

Five Takeaways from Ross County

We went to the Highlands, and after what seems to be a typically meticulous (not “slow,” I’d never say “slow”) start, the Bhoys in Green came away with a 4-1 victory over Ross County on Sunday...

Larry Cafiero · Dec 2, 2019

15 minutes of fame

Quick note before diving into the five takeaways from the Ross County game: Thanks to the folks at The Celtic Star, yours truly was the “Fan of the Week,” and as such was subject to a brief interview here.

Larry Cafiero · Nov 24, 2019

Five takeaways from Celtic-Livi

Revenge is a dish best served cold, as the saying goes.

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