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Liam Conway · Apr 26, 2016

An Enticing Invitation to Fail?

As this season draws to a close, and assuming all else being equal, we may find ourselves reflecting on the fact that Ronny Deila will be considered a failure as Celtic manager, despite having won two consecutive league titles and having worked hard under very difficult circumstances...

Liam Conway · Jul 9, 2014

‘Don’t Criticise What You Can’t Understand’?

To those who are deeply immersed in its traditions and institutions, Orange Order parades in Scotland are magnificent celebrations of Protestant culture and heritage.

Liam Conway · Jul 4, 2014

Should Scotland’s Catholics be concerned about Independence?

The question, ‘Should Scotland’s Catholics should be concerned about independence?’ has been raised again recently.

Liam Conway · Jun 3, 2014

A New Niche Market for Celtic?

We have long since adjusted to the economic reality that even the top football clubs in Scotland are no longer able to attract or retain high profile players from other leagues, regardless of their history and reputation, and despite their global appeal,...

Liam Conway · Apr 16, 2014

The Limited Effect of Education on ‘Eradicating Sectarianism’

I strongly believe in education as a powerful driver of social change...

Liam Conway · Feb 4, 2014

Turn the Word ‘Sectarian’ Upside Down

In 1941, the Austrian Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein decided to quit academic life to be involved in war work; he took up a role as a porter in Guy’s Hospital in London, where he very quickly progressed to the role of Lab Assistant, mixing ointments fo...

Liam Conway · Jan 10, 2014

Three Dogmas of Sectarianism in Scotland

It is common to hear sectarianism being described as ‘Scotland’s shame’...

Liam Conway · Dec 18, 2013

A Working Definition of Sectarianism in Scotland?

The Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland produced a report on the 13th December 2013...

Liam Conway · Oct 2, 2013

Opting into Scotland

Generations of workless families; undernourished children living in poor quality housing; the choice between eating a healthy meal, or heating your home; low educational attainment, low life expectancy and ill health; alcoholism and drug addiction; theft,...

Liam Conway · May 21, 2013

George Galloway’s Fears for Catholicism in an Independent Scotland


Liam Conway · Mar 20, 2013

An Ugly Impasse

It is hard to think that the Offensive Behaviour at Football legislation has had anything but a negative impact on the attitudes and behaviours of those it was intended to manage, despite the Scottish Government’s bullish claims to the contrary. Whilst th...

Liam Conway · Mar 15, 2013

Could Player Co-Ownership Help Scottish Football?

It is no secret that Celtic’s ability to identify and develop young players with potential has reaped tremendous rewards in recent seasons...

Liam Conway · Feb 25, 2013

‘Offensive Behaviour’, One Year Later


Liam Conway · Feb 18, 2013

How Celtic Might Win in Turin, From a Philosophical Point of View

When the eminent philosopher of football, Friedrich Nietzsche, was asked for his opinion on how referees make decisions in high profile European games, he replied that ‘All things are subject to interpretation...

Liam Conway · Feb 13, 2013

Working the Industry Behind the Game

Referees take a lot of stick. Sometimes they deserve it.

Liam Conway · Jan 29, 2013

Some More Thoughts on Celtic Players’ Mind-Set

Henry Clarson’s thought provoking blog yesterday and Graeme Macpherson’s article in The Herald today have prompted me to throw my own tuppence worth into the debate...

Liam Conway · Jan 10, 2013

Catholic Schools, Religious Discrimination and Racism

There has been another recent burst of interest in the problem of anti-Catholicism in Scottish society. Opinions vary on how prevalent it is and whether it is in fact a significant problem or not...

Liam Conway · Jan 1, 2013

On Whether Sectarianism is a Form of Racism

The question of whether sectarianism is a form of racism is an important one. Not only does it have a bearing on how we ought to understand instances of sectarian behaviour and how such instances should be dealt with from a legal point of view; it also ha...

Liam Conway · Dec 24, 2012

Some Thoughts on Charles Green’s Christmas Message

Referring to the link between an individual’s social status and his outward appearance, Charles Dickens wrote in his classic novel Oliver Twist, that dignity is ‘sometimes more a question of coat and waistcoat than some people would imagine’...

Liam Conway · Dec 10, 2012

What is this thing called ‘anti-football’?

“People rightly consider that Celtic use an anti-football system, but Chelsea have done the same and they are now champions of Europe.” Xavi, Barcelona. Whilst it isn’t new, the term ‘anti-football’ has been thrown around quite a bit recently...

Liam Conway · Nov 25, 2012

Learning to be Successful

Nietzsche wrote that the conditions of life might include error. And so the enduring challenge we all face would be to find an approach to what we do that accepts error and failure as intrinsic aspects of our pursuit of perfection and success...

Liam Conway · Nov 23, 2012

Confronting the Bigot Within

The underlying premise of most anti-racism initiatives appears to be that education in the virtue of tolerance is the key to eradicating it from our society.

Liam Conway · Nov 6, 2012

Clubs With A Purpose

‘More than a club’, is how Barcelona Football Club famously describes itself. Many of us quite rightly feel that this description also fits Celtic Football Club in equal measure. As far as Celtic is concerned, it is a description that captures the ide...

Liam Conway · Nov 2, 2012

Jumping on the ‘Bigot!’ Bandwagon

The popular misuse of a word can have a transformational effect on how we think about the situation in which it has been used...

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