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Matt Leslie · Jul 30, 2018

Forcing the line

Not what some supporters meant when we wanted a new signing who was deadly in front of goal and would hit the target It appears that Hearts owner Ann Budge gave the supporters a ‘Marmite’ moment last week.

Matt Leslie · Mar 10, 2018

Square pegs rarely fit into round holes

“Somewhere over the rainbow theeeeeeere’s a place...

Matt Leslie · Nov 19, 2017

Standing proud

“H-E-A-R Wait a minute?

Matt Leslie · Oct 31, 2017

Breaking football’s last barrier

By coming out, Justin Fashanu had broken through the glass ceiling only for football to plaster it up not long after “It’s PC gorn maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad”, was the predictable reaction from many a numbskull following the makers of the popular Football Manager game’s decision to include gay footballers in their edition for 2018...

Matt Leslie · Oct 16, 2017

Calls for Fergie show how low we have sunk

“C’mon Gordon . Did yiz no’ remember anything ah telt ye back in Aberdeen?

Matt Leslie · Aug 1, 2017

Risk was still worth it

“Haud oan a minute boys .ahm gettin’ ra boot in five, four, three, two, wan...

Matt Leslie · Jul 26, 2017

Where did it go wrong Ann?

“When I came into football, I said I would like to make a contribution in the wider sense...

Matt Leslie · Jun 19, 2017

Wear not going to Sunderland

Oh hush and dry your eyes . It might be worse, Howard Wilkinson could be back as manager It would appear Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes smelt something fishy on the little dishy presented to him by Sunderland Chief-executive Martin Bain...

Matt Leslie · Jun 6, 2017

Fall guy Whyte is off the radar

No seriously Ally I’m telling you . I told him to call me a billionaire and the sucker did just that So the Crown failed to prove that Craig Whyte had done anything wrong when he bought Rangers for a pound back in the spring of 2011...

Matt Leslie · May 18, 2017

A missed opportunity

A sad statement of affairs that despite years of worthy campaigning, in 2017, racism in football still exists Mark Walters was in Glasgow earlier this week to reinforce a worthy message that racism in football is not welcome...

Matt Leslie · Apr 26, 2017

Against stupid football

Got that?

Matt Leslie · Apr 21, 2017

Gunning for Arsene

“Listen blud Rousseau’s ‘Emile’ fam aint nuthin blud on Hume’s ‘A Treatise Of Human Nature’ fam” It would appear that the greatest era of Arsenal football club is nearing its end...

Matt Leslie · Feb 11, 2017

For King’s ‘transparency’ read confusion

Meet the gang cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you For a club who had it’s owner once proclaim a new dawn of transparency, things do appear to be in a tangled state at Rangers 2012 FC...

Matt Leslie · Jan 30, 2017

Patience: The Forgotten Virtue

Did you hear the one about some of my own fans once wanting me sacked after losing a Manchester derby 5-1?

Matt Leslie · Dec 30, 2016

And that was 2016

The SFA chief congratulates himself on another bungle-free year As always in the world of Scottish football, we are never short of eventful years...

Matt Leslie · Dec 5, 2016

Progress makes dinosaurs panic

Jamie Fullarton and Kris Boyd go into hiding upon seeing the laptop takeover at Tynecastle Back in the 1980s there was a shoe salesman who was trying his hand at football coaching...

Matt Leslie · Dec 1, 2016

And he’s off

“So I bent down ‘n I reached down ‘n I scooped down an’ I gathered up a generous mitten full of the deadly yellow snow” The King is dead long live the next ruler who will reign at Hearts until the lure of southern gold entices him away...

Matt Leslie · Nov 22, 2016

Pitchforks and torches


Matt Leslie · Nov 17, 2016

Hearts, Hearts, Profitable Hearts....

Two and a half years after exiting administration, Hearts owner Ann Budge has the club back in the black A debt-free club was the news that greeted Hearts fans following the release of the club accounts earlier today...

Matt Leslie · Nov 15, 2016

Stupid Boyd

You did well signing me Gordon. I used to play for Rangers and world domination awaits Middlesbrough Those of you who remember the hit comedy “Dad’s Army” will recall the following scenario...

Matt Leslie · Nov 14, 2016

The paper revolutionaries

Wait a minute “billionaire” “wealth off the radar”?

Matt Leslie · Nov 13, 2016

New Hearts shares?

The above document was doing the rounds on the Hearts supporters forum, Jambos Kickback yesterday...

Matt Leslie · Oct 31, 2016

Be careful what you wish for

Right John. We’ll replace Robbie with you and if you’ve got a Tony Ford-style white jacket then all the better One can’t help but notice some rumblings of discontent amongst the Hearts support...

Matt Leslie · Oct 12, 2016

Are Scotland attempting a Russian boycott?

Devoid of footballing tactics, Gordon Strachan tries out psychological warfare You have to applaud Scotland for their principled stand...

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