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Modern Fitba · Dec 28, 2019

XNarrative: Examining Numbers Behind Celtic’s Recent Play

As Celtic head into their biggest league fixture so far, @thebackpassrule looks at some of the narratives surrounding the Hoops this season, specifically the play of James Forrest, Ryan Christie, and Celtic’s form most recently, and if the numbers support the popular narratives or if there is more to it...

Modern Fitba · Nov 21, 2019

Where do Scottish Premiership clubs sign players from and could they be getting better value elsewhere?

In @cunningcolin’s first post on Modern Fitba, he explores where SPFL Premiership clubs looked to sign players last summer and methods they could employ to find undervalued talent across Europe...

Modern Fitba · Nov 15, 2019

Patreon Re-launch: Advanced Stats Now More Accessible Than Ever!

Through a Patreon Re-launch we are making advanced stats for every player and team in the Premiership much more accessible...

Modern Fitba · Sep 13, 2019

“Squad Churn” – Is consistency the key to success

A complete overhaul of playing staff may seem like a nuclear option, but how much effect does this have on future results?

Modern Fitba · Aug 29, 2019

Perfecting the art of crossing the ball

Last minute winners scored from players rising like a salmon out of the river to bury a cross carry with them the emotion, the adrenalin, the euphoria, and capture it in one single moment...

Modern Fitba · Aug 23, 2019

“I’m not massive on stats” – What metrics are linked with winning in Scottish Football

Neil Lennon may not be a massive stats fan, but with our data, we can determine what stats lead to winning most often in the SPFL...

Modern Fitba · Jul 31, 2019

Modern Fitba Launches Patreon Service

Today, Modern Fitba launches its Patreon subscription service...

Modern Fitba · Jul 19, 2019

Goalkeepers Season Review Part 3: Distribution

In a three part series, Christian Wulff analyses the Premiership goalkeepers, using advanced data to determine which Number 1’s had the best season...

Modern Fitba · Jul 17, 2019

Mikey Johnston is Ready to Take the Next Step in his Celtic Career

After getting his first extended run in the first team last year, Mikey Johnston is ready for to be an important contributor for Celtic this season...

Modern Fitba · Jul 12, 2019

Goalkeepers Season Review Part 2: Aerial Command

In a three part series, Christian Wulff analyses the Premiership goalkeepers, using advanced data to determine which Number 1’s had the best season...

Modern Fitba · Jul 6, 2019

Using stats to find the Best Midfield Prospects in Scotland

Age Adjusted goal rates are used to identify the best midfield prospects in Scottish football...

Modern Fitba · Jun 13, 2019

The David Turnbull Archive: An Analytics Love Affair

David Turnbull’s recent signing with Celtic has thrust him into the spotlight as one of the most promising young Scottish players in years...

Modern Fitba · Jun 5, 2019

The Best Shot Suppressing Centre Backs in the Scottish Premiership

@TheGersReport shares a team-by-team breakdown of shot suppression stats for the centre backs in the Scottish Premiership...

Modern Fitba · May 21, 2019

Season Review: When did the Projected League Table get it right for your team?

@TheGersReport introduced his variation of an ongoing Projected League Table this season that would offer weekly predictions of what each club’s point total would be at the end of the season...

Modern Fitba · May 16, 2019

Narrowing in: Rangers find their composure as Celtic freeze.

Rangers proved that sometimes persistence is key as a previously unsuccessful system worked perfectly against a Celtic side out of ideas...

Modern Fitba · May 11, 2019

Introducing Ball Progression for the SPFL Premiership

Christian Wulff introduces Modern Fitba’s newest advanced stat for Scottish football, identifying which players excel at moving the ball into the most dangerous areas on the pitch...

Modern Fitba · May 10, 2019

Callum McGregor isn’t a Jack of All Trades, He is a Master of Them

Once thought of only as a squad player, Callum McGregor has used his versatility to become one of the best players in the SPFL Premiership...

Modern Fitba · May 7, 2019

Identifying the Game Changing Playmakers in the Scottish Premiership

@TheGersReport looks at which players are truly giving their teams the best chance of winning with their play making, both from open play & via set pieces...

Modern Fitba · May 2, 2019

Could Celtic and Rangers be Doing Better to Develop Younger Players?

With the gap in revenue for football clubs in Scotland and bigger leagues in Europe growing, the focus on youth development becomes even more vital...

Modern Fitba · Apr 26, 2019

Introducing PassSonars for Scottish Football

Seth Dobson (@fitbametrics) introduces a new dataviz for the Scottish Premiership, and explains why it’s not just football stat-nerd eye candy...

Modern Fitba · Apr 18, 2019

What if the best team DID always win?

@FitbaInScotland takes a look at how this season’s league table could have looked, using Expected Points...

Modern Fitba · Apr 16, 2019

Expected Passing in the SPFL Premiership

Matt Rhein discusses our new passing model for Scottish football and finds some interesting players in the Premiership with the numbers...

Modern Fitba · Apr 11, 2019

The Lennon Sample

Can we trust the results when it comes to Neil Lennon’s time at Celtic and Hibernian this season?

Modern Fitba · Apr 3, 2019

So Much Style I Should be Down with the Stylistics: Using Stats to Identify Styles of Play in the SPFL

Using our updated data, we examine statistics that help identify trends in how SPFL Premiership clubs play...

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