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Along Came a Blackbird … and a Slackbird

Things are going from bad to worse. It turns out that he won’t be facing any charges, but the very fact that the SFA was even considering hauling Joe Worrall up was a load of complete nonsense.

The Number of the Beast

The Daily Record, always first with the news, has an article about who the Antichrist is, or rather was.

Sunday the 23Rd of March, Somewhere in Glasgow

BILLY – Hey, ma! What the f*ck’ve ye done wi’ ma best stabbin’ knife? MA – Is it no’ in the toap drawer, next tae yer wankin’ soacks? BILLY – Naw, that’s ma slashin’ blade.

Welcome to the Punch

I haven’t been on for a few days because I’m working on the next book in the Neo-Gers saga.

Muchos Culos

I see the Daily Record is already beating the drum for El Guffalo being Player of the Year.

Scotland the Grave

Everybody seems to have an opinion about what’s wrong with the Scottish football team and what should be done to improve things.

Auntie Raynjurz

Thanks for the votes in the Blogging Awards but, as you might already know, I’m not that bothered.

Remember, Calls Can Be in Confidence

Back in my late teens/early twenties my brother was friendly with some dodgy characters.

Schroedinger’s Huns

According to the Daily Record, Brendan Rodgers wants to sign El Guffalo, with them saying that Leicester and Borussia Dortmund “had joined the race to sign” the thug.

Sticking My Neck Out

Back in my teaching days, you needed to have your wits about you and often dealt with things in ways that outsiders would view as weird.

Arms and the Man

Well, that’s riled the Huns up no end. Just when they thought they’d clawed the gap back a couple of points, up pops Edouard to put their gas at a peep.

Neil Doon An’ Take It

According to some folk, Brendan Rodgers is off to Leicester in the summer, while others are saying that he’s going as soon as he’s packed his bags.

Shot by Both Sides

Der Fuhrer and I were watching The Chase and one of the celebrities on the team was Harry Redknapp.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It’s not often that sectarian bigotry is used as a squirrel but, after Wednesday’s disgraceful match at Ibrox, that’s what’s being done.

Invasion of the Points Snatchers

When somebody’s given a column to write in a newspaper, or what passes for a newspaper in Scotland, they’re entitled to point out things that they see as detrimental to football or society at large...

Clink Clink Pish

Can we expect another statement from Neo-Gers about Steven McLean, the referee of yesterday’s game at Ibrox? After all, it only cost six thousand quid to ensure that Willie Collum never got to take charge of any of their matches again.

Protection Racket

Many moons ago, when my da worked at Govan Shipbuilders, the word went round that everybody should watch themselves on the way home.

Iht’s Nho’ Fhair!

Back in my teaching days, I usually had at least one problem child in my class.

Break a Leg!

We all guessed that Brother Boabby would be doing his team a favour or two and, of course, we were right.

Planning Departments

Everybody remembers that bit in Braveheart where all the Scots bend over and lift their kilts to show the English their bare arses.

Shameful Moments

The Daily Record have decided to enter the debate about Churchill but, being what they are, they do it in a sleekit way, without even mentioning the fat bastard.

We Ur the Champions

It was Thea’s 3rd birthday yesterday, so we went up with a few wee gifts to get our share of cake.

Calm Down!

What the hell’s going on with folk commenting on here? As Hector said, if you don’t like what somebody says, then don’t interact with him/her.

Pipped at the Post

Well, that might shut all the nay-sayers up a bit. Celtic have signed Burke and Weah on loan, which many folk were moaning about, saying that we needed some experience while the likes of Bayo were developed...

Crash Course

Yet another ‘honest mistake’ has increased calls for VAR to be introduced as soon as possible.

Crime is on My Side

According to the head of refereeing, John Fleming, it will take about a year for referees to be trained in the use of VAR...

Paddies Market

I haven’t had a bet on the horses for years, so don’t know any of the big-name cuddies around just now.

When a Stranger Calls

Things are getting bloody ridiculous now. We’ve got Steven Gerrard calling for match officials to be treated with respect, showing not the least hint of irony.

Out with the Old, in with The…Er…Old

As my daughter, usually at the most inappropriate moments, puts it: What the actual f*ck?

Battle of the Bilge

Hope everybody had a happy and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from myself and Der Fuhrer (a.k.a.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 28, 2018

The Devil Rides Out

I hope everybody had a happy Christmas; The Peeppul’s festive season certainly isn’t going according to plan.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 28, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Dec 24, 2018

Christmas Greetings

The Daily Record had a story the other day about how Jim Torbett got Legal Aid to the tune of nearly £20k; a disgrace, according to the DR.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 24, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Dec 21, 2018

Dodgy Dave

Continue reading “Dodgy Dave” on Paddy on the Railway.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 21, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Dec 19, 2018

The Best Policy

I’ve only just discovered that they’ve made a new version of Roots.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 19, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Dec 17, 2018

Identity is a Crisis, Can’t You See

Apparently, ‘Natural Order’ has been restored and Neo-Gers are top of the league.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 17, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Dec 9, 2018

Little Shop of Horrors

Sorry I’ve not been on here for a while but, as Phil Mac Giolla Bhain puts it, I’ve been ‘down the word mines’.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 9, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Dec 1, 2018

A Punning Clan

So, Honest Dave has finally acquiesced and promised to make the offer to buy those other shares to avoid going to the chokey.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 1, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Nov 27, 2018

Fame at Last!

It seems PZJ, in his umpteenth incarnation on Twitter, has taken umbrage at something I wrote on my last blog.

Paddy on the Railway · Nov 27, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Nov 24, 2018


The ned’s ned, Barry Ferguson, is in the Daily Record again talking about Peter Lawwell’s statement that Celtic might not take the allocated tickets for the match at Ibrox on the 29th December...

Paddy on the Railway · Nov 24, 2018
Paddy on the Railway · Nov 18, 2018

Blue Moves

Brexit is causing a right mess in Northern Ireland, where the DUP can’t make up its mind what, exactly, Northern Ireland is.

Paddy on the Railway · Nov 18, 2018
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