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Ho Ho Hunette

I wonder if anybody remembers away back in 1999 when Man Utd were ‘persuaded’ by the English FA to take part in FIFA’s Club World Cup.

Did You No Wrong

I had a huge ‘Mick Moment’ the other night. For those of you that are unaware, when I first started up this blog I spent ages talking to myself.

Return of the Red-Eyed

The big talking point just now is Kilmarnock and Steve Clarke being hauled before the beak for daring to speak out when Steven Gerrard and Ryan Jack have said much worse...

“Wae Wiz Robbed!”

Where are all the doom merchants now, with their ‘crises’ and ‘weakened squads’?

Hail Hail the Celts Are Still Here

Remember when we beat the Huns 5-0 at Celtic Park? That was only eighteen weeks ago and not much has changed at Celtic in the interim.

This Land is My Land…

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve finally been given a council house, but I’m predicting that there might be a few problems with the old cunt next door.

Ataboy Boyata

It seems the Huns are raging about Peter Hartley’s last-minute equaliser.

Crisis? What Crisis?

As usual, the doom-merchants and nay-sayers are out in force, talking about a ‘crisis’ at Celtic.

Celtic the New Rangers?

Remember Sooperally’s first (and last!) season as Rangers manager? We didn’t know it at the time, but all the Motherwell Billionaire’s plans hinged on qualification for the Champions League.

Shut Yer Geggie, Brendan!

Well, that was pretty dire, even though it wasn’t the ‘torrid time’ the Daily Record would have us believe.

Wur Doomed, Doomed Ah Tell Yez!

The agnivores are getting carried away with themselves, talking about trouble at Celtic Park with little-to-no evidence.

Season’s Greetings

God, the season’s only just started and the greetin’ has started already.

No Stone Left Unturned

After a night of horrific violence on Glasgow’s streets, Inspector Thicke is once more on the case: THICKE: Right, I assume some of the officers that attended the melee got videos of the offenders.

Rocket Man

So that’s that. The Peeppul are going to have to make up their mind who to give their money to: Mike Ashley or their old pal, Mehmet...

Hun Fun Dun

It looks like I was totally wrong about questioning 32 Red’s sponsorship of Neo-Gers.

Feeling a Little Prick

The reason I haven’t been on here for a good few days is that I’ve been sleeping all the time.

Another Final Warning

We’ve all encountered them at one time or another: mothers that are incapable of controlling their small children.

Shkupi and Scrappy

According to the Daily Record, there was only one first-round qualifier taking place last night.

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