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A Farewell to Kings

Any lingering doubts the Huns had that Honest Dave is nothing like Fergus McCann has been blown out the water with his decision to leave Neo-Gers now.

The Apes of Wrath

The Daily Record Hotline is again full of Huns telling us that there’s no way Celtic should be ‘handed’ the title.

The Half-Way Solution

I think we all know by now what the agenda is among Neo-Gers and the Huns; deprive Celtic of the title at any cost.

A Man for All Seasons

In 1848 there were revolutions all over Europe; even Britain had its Chartist riots.

Beyond Hunderdome

An unusual phrase has appeared in the Scottish media: sporting integrity.

Up the Duffalo

I take it everybody’s seen the video with Nacho Novo beating into some guy in East Kilbride.

After the Love Has Gone

The Huns are absolutely f*cking blazing, especially since they’re not entirely sure who’s to blame and who they should take their anger out on.

Storm Gorgie

Like many others, I’m not too bothered about Celtic being knocked out of the Europa; a run in Europe is a bonus, not the be-all and end-all.

El Poofalo

With that result in Portugal, it seems that everything is okay again at Neo-Gers.


I was watching BBC 1 on Sunday when, suddenly, right in the middle of Dr Who, there was a determined attack by a group of Neo-Gers players.

The Mehmet Training Centre

Those dirty, f*cking Raynjurz-Hayturz at UEFA are at it again.


Christ, they’re going overboard with the victimhood now.

Jackson Lows

Craig Whyte’s impending book has got the agnivores scrambling to distance themselves from his reign of terror.


I remember a nursery nurse at a school that used to offer me a lift quite often.

Guffalo Guff

It’s been a bad few days for The Peeppul. Not only has their theory that somebody was trying to kill El Guffalo been shot to pieces, but their team has now slipped to being seven points behind Celtic...

2D Or Not 2D

I remember years ago doing a children’s novel with one of my reading groups.


Does anybody else get the feeling that the agnivores have been desperately waiting for an opportunity to castigate a Celtic player in the same way that Celtic supporters have been doing with El Guffalo?

The Laptop is Dead, Long Live the Laptop!

Ah’m back. Ah’m defi-nightly back! Well, after all the trials and tribulations, I’ve finally got a shiny, new laptop, courtesy of a loan from my daughter.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 27, 2019

Silly Billy Season

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Ours was that old cliché – quiet.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 20, 2019

El Bluffalo

Now we’ve got Chowder Charlie Nicholas is joining in the ‘Hands off El Guffalo’ shite.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 17, 2019

Rod the …Er… Tosser

I can’t believe all the folk beating the drum for Rod Stewart; the guy’s a f*cking tosser...

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 14, 2019

A Proddy Paradise

“Awright, troops? Ah’ve taken ma baird aff jist noo, coz Ah’ve goat serious stuff tae say.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 9, 2019

Fatman and Sobbin’

Well, they’re not taking things too well, are they? They’re all screaming about VAR and how officials have been cheating them all season.

Paddy on the Railway · Dec 7, 2019


Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while, but it was in a good cause.

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