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A Proddy Paradise

“Awright, troops? Ah’ve taken ma baird aff jist noo, coz Ah’ve goat serious stuff tae say.

Fatman and Sobbin’

Well, they’re not taking things too well, are they? They’re all screaming about VAR and how officials have been cheating them all season.

No More Heroes

Honest Dave has been resignated, or, as our esteemed Fourth Estate are putting it, his work is done and, like God after the Creation, he’s needing a rest...

Hector’s Big House

As you might expect, having lost my job and having our house repossessed, we’re up to our oxters in debt.

Deila Take a Bow

It’s more than a bit annoying to read, even on the Daily Record Hotline, that Ronny Deila was a failure at Celtic.

The Infernal City

I see all the Celtic supporters in Rome are featuring strongly in The Peeppul’s prayers; they’re all praying that more folk get stabbed.

Dfs Fc

There was something familiar about the Lazio fans’ statement on an Italian radio channel the other day.

Bhoys Brigade

It’s that time of year again, when The Peeppul get their poppies out and invite sodjers to parade around the pitch so they can celebrate Soldier F or something.

Morituri Te Salutamus

An important message for Honest Dave. Der Fuhrer has confounded all expectations and is actually making money from those VHS tapes!

¿CabrÓN Negro O Gordo?

Cast your mind back to March of this year and Scott Brown celebrating Celtic’s victory over Neo-Gers at Celtic Park.

Kiss Me Quick

You have to wonder sometimes what the hell’s going on with the justice system in Britain.

Humiliation. Gravy. Steal

JJ seems to be adamant that the game’s a-bogey as far as Neo-Gers are concerned.

Get Me Out of Here!

There’s one thing that’s struck me about the Orange Wedding of the Year and that’s how the names of Rangers and Neo-Gers have been kept out of it.

Begins at Home

The big story is that Neo-Gers have won some kind of award from the European Clubs Association for their charity work.

Educating Archie

My late father-in-law (Der Fuhrervater) was a master of stating the bloody obvious, as well as dealing in facts in which nobody was interested...

Chowder Charlie in Getting Word Right Shock!

Chowder Charlie is at it again, moaning about being ‘irritated’ by Odsonne Edouard’s lack of celebration when he scores against ‘lesser’ teams...

The Final Solution

It looks like we’ve all been wrong about the Nazis; they weren’t the evil bastards we thought they were.

Banned Bands Band to Ban Bands Ban

Well, the Orange Order and other assorted baboons will no doubt be congratulating themselves at their demo in George Square going off so peacefully.

The Shit Hits the Huns

There’s not much to discuss on the football front, other than yet another Neo-Gers player being compared to somebody that’s world class.

Hit Parade

There’s obviously some bad news in the pipeline concerning Neo-Gers the way the agnivores are behaving just now.

Espresso Bongo

I’m back yet again, killing some time while I battle with a bit of writer’s block.

Brokeback Huns

Three posts in the space of a few days; Christ, I’m getting like JJ! It’s one of those occasions, though, when you simply can’t help getting your tuppence-worth in.


Well, they can put that in their f*cking flute and toot it! So much for the all-improved Neo-Gers, eh? The excuses, of course, have been coming thick and fast: Gerrard got his tactics wrong, the team had a bad day etc.

Be Not Afraid

My impeccable sources at Hampden inform me that the SFA is currently working on an appeal on behalf of Neo-Gers.

Up Tae Wur Knees in Tumbleweeds

Guess which teams the Daily Record is talking about here: “ competing for a place at the table in Europe’s second tier competition.” “ aiming for the prestige and millions available in the Europa League group stages.” Celtic’s win against AIK Moscow is shrugged off by the media as no big deal or, at best, a relief...

Mair Shite

As expected, the knives are out for Tom Boyd after his entirely justifiable comments about Cheatin’ Beaton.

The ‘Mhedia’S’ at It Again

Well, that was hard going yesterday and it certainly gave all the greetin’-faced cunts something to get their teeth into.

The Blame Game

That’s some business model that Peter Lawwell’s running, eh? First, get Brendan Rodgers out, then get a more pliable character in that’ll do what he’s told.

Stopping Something

I only saw the second half of the match on Saturday and struggled to see why everyone was moaning about Bolingoli.

Peeppul Keep Falling on My Head

I remember at a primary school in Glasgow when there was a ‘Wet Play’, the Primary 3 class I was in charge of had their customary trip to the toilet, three at a time so there wouldn’t be any carry on...

Don’t Throw Your Shite Away.

Christ, the season’s only just started and The Peeppul are causing trouble already.

Crooks Anonymous

The feel-good stories have been ratcheted up and The Peeppul are convinced not only that everything is rosy down Ibrox way, but that they’re going to win the league...

La Grande Delusion

As usual, The Peeppul desperately cling to any straw and delude themselves into thinking that everything’s fine.

Ah Sayed, Naw, Naw, Naw!

JULIAN: Hi, everybody and welcome. I think we all know why we’re here.

Anyone, Anyplace, Anywhere. There’s a Wonderful World You Can Share.

Steven Gerrard says he learned two things from the match against Blackburn Rovers but, really, he should have only learned one thing: friendlies mean f*ck all.

Jew Hink Yer Talkin’ Tae?

Neo-Gers beat Marseille 4-0 in a friendly and suddenly they’re coming down that road again; you know, the road that’s been patiently waiting the patter of their size 10s for seven years now.

Cowering at Infernos

Apparently, we’re all supposed to be scared because Neo-Gers are showing that they mean business.

Jocko Homo

Never mind the Women’s World Cup Final, it seems the big game this weekend took place at Ibrox.

The Most Popular Team in the World

I wonder how much Neo-Gers have to pay Jabba to pay the likes of John Terry to spout shite like Neo-Gers narrowing the gap with Celtic.

Inspiration Or Expiration?

As we all suspected, Cheatin’ Beaton never received any death threats at all.

The Great Cock ‘N’ Bull Swindle

Like a lot of folk back in the day, I waited and waited for The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle album to make an appearance.

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