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Up Tae Wur Knees in Tumbleweeds

Guess which teams the Daily Record is talking about here: “ competing for a place at the table in Europe’s second tier competition.” “ aiming for the prestige and millions available in the Europa League group stages.” Celtic’s win against AIK Moscow is shrugged off by the media as no big deal or, at best, a relief...

Mair Shite

As expected, the knives are out for Tom Boyd after his entirely justifiable comments about Cheatin’ Beaton.

The ‘Mhedia’S’ at It Again

Well, that was hard going yesterday and it certainly gave all the greetin’-faced cunts something to get their teeth into.

The Blame Game

That’s some business model that Peter Lawwell’s running, eh? First, get Brendan Rodgers out, then get a more pliable character in that’ll do what he’s told.

Stopping Something

I only saw the second half of the match on Saturday and struggled to see why everyone was moaning about Bolingoli.

Peeppul Keep Falling on My Head

I remember at a primary school in Glasgow when there was a ‘Wet Play’, the Primary 3 class I was in charge of had their customary trip to the toilet, three at a time so there wouldn’t be any carry on...

Don’t Throw Your Shite Away.

Christ, the season’s only just started and The Peeppul are causing trouble already.

Crooks Anonymous

The feel-good stories have been ratcheted up and The Peeppul are convinced not only that everything is rosy down Ibrox way, but that they’re going to win the league...

La Grande Delusion

As usual, The Peeppul desperately cling to any straw and delude themselves into thinking that everything’s fine.

Ah Sayed, Naw, Naw, Naw!

JULIAN: Hi, everybody and welcome. I think we all know why we’re here.

Anyone, Anyplace, Anywhere. There’s a Wonderful World You Can Share.

Steven Gerrard says he learned two things from the match against Blackburn Rovers but, really, he should have only learned one thing: friendlies mean f*ck all.

Jew Hink Yer Talkin’ Tae?

Neo-Gers beat Marseille 4-0 in a friendly and suddenly they’re coming down that road again; you know, the road that’s been patiently waiting the patter of their size 10s for seven years now.

Cowering at Infernos

Apparently, we’re all supposed to be scared because Neo-Gers are showing that they mean business.

Jocko Homo

Never mind the Women’s World Cup Final, it seems the big game this weekend took place at Ibrox.

The Most Popular Team in the World

I wonder how much Neo-Gers have to pay Jabba to pay the likes of John Terry to spout shite like Neo-Gers narrowing the gap with Celtic.

Inspiration Or Expiration?

As we all suspected, Cheatin’ Beaton never received any death threats at all.

The Great Cock ‘N’ Bull Swindle

Like a lot of folk back in the day, I waited and waited for The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle album to make an appearance.

Room for Trophies

Some of The Peeppul have been getting in a tizzy over Celtic signings posing in front of the European Cup replica.

Thick As a Brick

I think we all had one of those thick pupils in our class at school that could be persuaded to do anything ‘for a laugh’...

Keeping Up Appearances

I don’t usually do another blog this quickly but I felt I had to comment on the media’s big news about Neo-Gers’ latest loan ‘star’, Sheyi Ojo.

Magic Bus

Well, Hector certainly called that one right. The very first review of my new book on Amazon, before anybody’s even had a chance to read it, is by some sad Hun, calling himself Mr.

Yossarian F.C.

It was hard to avoid all the stuff about D-Day landings and it was obvious that it was being used to inspire everybody with the ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ that’s the Brexiteers’ stock-in-trade...

Anti-Social Media

Does anybody know how the SFA inquiry into child abuse in Scottish football is going?

It’s Jjust My Imagination

I’ve been busy down the swear-word mines, writing Part 6 of the Neo-Gers Saga.

Game of Moans

Well, that dearly-held opinion didn’t take long to be abandoned, did it?

Hun Size

Quite often, when I read the latest story about Neo-Gers, I’m transported back to my days as a teacher...

The Real Champions

Well, there was a right end-of-term feeling about that match yesterday, as in finished sitting my Highers so I’m just going to piss about until the end of June kind of thing...


Oh, Good God, no! Two English teams in the final of the Champions League! We’re never going to hear the f*cking end of this one – best league in the world etc.

Two Jabs Jermain

While The Peeppul are dreaming about helicopters, their brothers-in-lodge are putting practical plans into action.

Class Consciousness

There’s nothing I can say about Billy McNeil that hasn’t already been said hundreds of time already.

Who’s Responsible?

Back in the 1980s the local polis used to sometimes target Stirling University’s Allangrange Student/Staff Club, the ‘Grange’ as we all knew it.

Along Came a Blackbird … and a Slackbird

Things are going from bad to worse. It turns out that he won’t be facing any charges, but the very fact that the SFA was even considering hauling Joe Worrall up was a load of complete nonsense.

The Number of the Beast

The Daily Record, always first with the news, has an article about who the Antichrist is, or rather was.

Sunday the 23Rd of March, Somewhere in Glasgow

BILLY – Hey, ma! What the f*ck’ve ye done wi’ ma best stabbin’ knife? MA – Is it no’ in the toap drawer, next tae yer wankin’ soacks? BILLY – Naw, that’s ma slashin’ blade.

Welcome to the Punch

I haven’t been on for a few days because I’m working on the next book in the Neo-Gers saga.

Muchos Culos

I see the Daily Record is already beating the drum for El Guffalo being Player of the Year.

Scotland the Grave

Everybody seems to have an opinion about what’s wrong with the Scottish football team and what should be done to improve things.

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