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A difficult summer ahead for Sevco

I was grateful to have a further opportunity today to speak with a very well-placed source.

Surveying Sevco from locked down Dún na nGall

It was Statement O Clock last night from the Sevco High Command.

Supplies of false hope still getting through to the Sevco klanbase

At times like this humour is vital. Especially if it comes from a familiar source.

Sevco 451

There is a rule in journalism that you must never become the story.

Gushing stenography and the shy messiah

I was saddened to hear that the latest Ibrox messiah was less than Zenlike about his name being leaked to the Stenography Corps.

Rugger Guy looks at Sevco’s cash situation during the shutdown

This morning I asked Rugger Guy to give me a quick breakdown of the likely cash flow situation at the basket of assets.

Premature exultation at Ibrox

It is at times like this that we need humour in our lives.

Sevco strike it lucky with new investor

Amidst all the gloom and uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there was some good news this week.

Null and void FC

In June 2012 the creditors of Rangers FC decided that the Ibrox outfit was null and void.

The importance of keeping to the rules

This season has not gone well for Sevco. Firstly, Celtic beat them in the League Cup final last December.

Bad timing for Sevco

So, we are now in a period of zero matchday revenues for all clubs on Planet Fitba.

Fitba interrupted

Finally, some common sense from Hampden. The announcement today now indicates how atavistic the gathering at Ibrox last night actually was.

Insensible Sevco

When Sevco Scotland came into the world the folks at Hampden stated that they had to be parachuted into the topflight to take the place of Rangers.

A star is Borna

I think that we can probably safely that that Operation Sell Alfredo is over.

When a great atmosphere can be deadly

There is now a real prospect that COVID-19 could close down British football for the foreseeable future.

The stress of being in the wrong movie

I thought that the Sevco presser yesterday was a cruel spectacle.

Managing the inevitable

It would be difficult not to feel for Mr Gerrard at the moment as he toils in the Sevco job.

Another piece of the Ibrox jigsaw arrives in Dún na nGall

Earlier this week I reported that the Sevco High Command was in the market for lawyers in Fair Caledonia.

Stevie G and the unloved of Sevco

A very well placed Ibrox source took me down memory lane today.

Questions and answers

Celtic have yet to find a satisfactory answer to their very own West Lothian Question.

Sevco require more lawyers

I a friend in the Faculty of Advocates in Fair Caledonia just sent me this email.

The wheels on the Sevco bus

I checked back with a source today who had access to the latest Sevco failure at Tynecastle.

Bill Shankly, Sevco and the end of the world

Dear reader, I have some very grave news for you. You’re going to die.

Decision time for Mr Let’s Go?

I just caught up with an impeccably well-placed source on matters Sevco.

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