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When partners fall out

I was surprised to learn that the regular meeting of the Sevco high command yesterday was rather sombre in tone.

Sevco makes a pitch for new business

Yesterday there was a glimpse into the full extent of Sevco’s problems, both on-field and off-field...

Citeh and Sevco

I am sure that I was not the only one who suffered an involuntary eyebrow movement when I read of Mr Gerrard’s comments apropos the sanctions imposed on Manchester City...

The Saint Valentine’s Day litigation

A hat tip to the Sevco High Command for their exquisite comic timing.

The Sevco mentality issue

When you are in the business of writing drama it is a bit sore to see how reality can best you at every turn.

The champions go to war for the brand

It is amazing what Celtic will do when they consider that their precious brand has been tarnished.

A begrudged communiqué from a novelist about a guru in trouble

Despite my pleas for a bit of writing leave and very well-placed source was in just in touch.

Rugger Guy looks at Celtic’s Interim Accounts

As ever, I am hugely grateful to Rugger Guy for giving of his time to crunch the numbers for me.

Making massive strides in denying the real problem at within the Ibrox klan

When I read this tweet from Greg Marshall, the Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) at Sevco, my reaction was instinctive.

Why fantasy valuations have real worth at Sevco

It is certainly a remarkable turn of events. A lad who could not get a game at KRC Genk and was loaned to Sevco is no “worth” €100m.

The financial backstory that gave us Translategate

It is worth remembering that the current PR shitshow around Morelos comes out of a planned media strategy.

Important questions for the Scottish Football Association

As we have seen with Translatgate questions are a vital part of effective journalism.

Celtic not holding back on Translategate

It is clear from their statement today that the Parkhead club are not satisfied with the response from Sky.

An interrupted conclave

As regular readers will know the Sevco High Command are rather anxious about leaks.

Serious allegations and elusive evidence

In journalism, questions should be answered. However, answers must also be questioned.

Judgment Day for Sevco?

The thing about playing for time is that it does, eventually, run out on you...

Eight blinking passengers and a heated driveway

On the 29th December 2018, a Ryan Jack deflected shot had given the basket of assets victory over an uncharacteristically flat Celtic side.

Family business at Sevco

I am grateful to a buddy for sending me this Sevco news.

From desperation to derision

It would appear that Operation Sell Alfredo has moved from the desperate to the ridiculous.

The Morelos Memorandum

Firstly, the title refers to something that doesn’t actually exist.

A place of mystery

A decade ago, the Ibrox klanbase was given amazing news.

Another day in court for Litigation FC

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the new year isn’t that old and Sevco is back in court already.

Are Celtic getting what they are paying for?

As you know I hold to the controversial view that in professional football having more money than the opposition is a sporting advantage.

Weighing up options on the January scales

After victory in the last Glasgow Derby, it is undeniably advantage Gerrard in the league title race.

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