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Statement o’clock and the money pit

A couple of sources re-emerged yesterday to relate items of interest to me One stated that two ex-RFC players of “legend” status had been approached to join the board of the basket of assets.

The anger games

I’m told that Mr Gerrard was less than happy with the travel arrangements to Macedonia.

Wishing for the little guy

Soon we will know. Will it be Croatia or France? I’m hoping that it will be the former and no harm to the latter.

Blue Room manoeuvres soon?

I just received a terse communiqué from an impeccable source.

Pride not prejudice

Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council has said that the public mood has reached “tipping point” with regard to the anti-Catholic “hate crime” associated with Orange marches.

A different type of Black Friday

I understand that there was a rather “lively” call between Sevco’s prospective new retail partner and the Serious Professional.

Ingerlund and the Bone Fire of the inanities

It seemed somehow apt that Ingerlund hit the reality wall in Russia on the 11th night.

Big Mike and Bruno

You may recall that certain well-rounded young chap in the Stenography Corps did not believe that General Ashley could position his tanks at will around Ibrox.

We have something to Disqus

As my site becomes more popular the amount of comments has grown.

A traditional hatred that is tolerated in Scotland

Would it be possible to establish an organisation like the Orange Order in Scotland in 2018? I rather think that such a new outfit might find itself on the wrong side of the law.

Celtic on easy street not EasyJet

Some footage of the interior of the plane that took Celtic back from Armenia appeared on social media tonight.

KT in Yerevan

In a few hours, it will get real again for the biggest club in Scotland.

A disturbing question

Late last night I was contacted by a couple who I have been friends with for several years.

Why the truth continues to hurt the Ibrox klan

It is entirely understandable to feel sorry for those who have been duped.

A Sevco legal own goal and a ten year anniversary

Today I had, via Skype, a very informative sit-down with a trusted source.

General Ashley puts his tanks into forward gear

Those who believed that Big Mike was not a serious man to be treated with respect might have to think again.

Special powers act

It would be crass to fail to acknowledge the skillset of Mr David Cunningham King.

Contempt proceedings against Mr David Cunnigham King

I have written here repeatedly that the Take Over Panel chaps would go about their business quietly and diligently.

Wealth off the radar and the importance of real journalism

I rarely commend articles to you dear reader. However, today is different.

Directing fantasy at Sevco

Spare a thought for Mark Allen. I can’t be easy being the Sevco Director of Fantasy at the best of times.

Arlene’s bridge to the past

When a politician is associated with the term “bridge building” then it is usually a positive sign.

An old actor from the birth of Sevco comes back into the sitcom

An old name in the Sevco sitcom re-emerged today. Do you recall those fine chaps at Cenkos Securities?

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