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Sean McDon · Mar 13, 2019

Real Celtic Men and Loyalty: The Tale of Jimmy McGrory and Jimmy McGovern

Loyalty to a cause which is greater than the career of the self.

Sean McDon · Feb 15, 2019

Matt McGinn: The Calton Folk Hero and Famous Tim

That roughly cut gemstone of Glasgow’s East End, The Calton, which has been home to my paternal bloodline since 1910, is an area synonymous with The Celtic.

Sean McDon · Nov 24, 2018

The Green and White of Govan is out Monday 3rd of December

A message to all the website subscribers and new arrivals.

Sean McDon · Nov 9, 2018

The Garngad Irish: Open to One and All

Along with opening itself up to the vulnerable migrant classes of the 19th Century and providing a home to one of Glasgow’s most beloved Catholic parishes, St Rochs, the Garngad has also given us Jimmy McGrory...

Sean McDon · Nov 2, 2018

Bombplots, Bampots and Bigots

As part of the Celtic family, many things can often seem second nature to us, things such as success, amazing atmospheres on European nights or even the more than occasional ‘honest mistake’ from the men in black.

Sean McDon · Oct 22, 2018

The Green and White of Govan Part 8: A Commemorative Magazine With Charity in Mind…Are You In?

And so the Whistle Blows All good things must come to an end and, sadly, the Green and White of Govan miniseries is no exception to this law of nature...

Sean McDon · Oct 15, 2018

The Green and White of Govan Part 7: One Night in I***x

Another Monday and, gloriously, another day of celebration for the Green and White of Govan.

Sean McDon · Oct 8, 2018

The Green and White of Govan Part 6: The Matt McGlone Edition

This week’s edition of the now 6 part Green and White of Govan series is changing tack slightly in that the focus will now shine upon one fan as opposed to a group or of a supporters club, as has been the case in the last few weeks...

Sean McDon · Oct 1, 2018

Green and White of Govan Part 5: A Govan Brake Club, Politics and Irish Identity in 1913

‘Emerald Celtic’ Brake Club: Who Says Football and Politics Don’t Mix?

Sean McDon · Sep 24, 2018

The Green and White of Govan Part 4: The Brighton CSC

This week’s edition of the Green and White of Govan stays firmly focussed on the true heroes of the game...

Sean McDon · Sep 17, 2018

The Green and White of Govan Part 3: The Fans Edition

The Govan Emerald (1984) As Celtic’s iconic manager who revolutionised the game, Jock Stein, once famously stated, the game of football really is nothing without the supporters...

Sean McDon · Sep 10, 2018

The Green and White of Govan – Part 2: The Players Edition

Clearly, as has been proven by Part 1 of The series which was published last week, there is a palpable and forever growing Green and White heartbeat to one of Glasgow’s most famous of boroughs, Govan...

Sean McDon · Sep 3, 2018

The Green and White of Govan Part 1: The History Edition

Govan, a name synonymous with many things – shipbuilding, heavy industry, the auld ‘SouGen’ and even Rab C.

Sean McDon · Sep 1, 2018

The Green and White of Govan: The Contents Page

The Green and White of Govan has, thus far, proven to be one of the most successful and hotly anticipated pieces of writing that I have had the pleasure of putting together...

Sean McDon · Aug 27, 2018

The Green and White of Govan

Growing up in the East End of Glasgow within ten minutes of paradise always felt like a beautiful thing – at times tough and gritty but always honest and humble...

Sean McDon · Aug 22, 2018

Calton Weavers: Scotland’s First Working Class Warriors

‘Weave Truth With Trust’ is the message which is depicted on the banner of the striking workers who belonged to the iconic ‘Calton Weavers’...

Sean McDon · Aug 20, 2018

Is Celtic dodging the gross elitism of the Champions League all that bad?

The mushroom cloud of last week’s AEK humbling is, although warranted at the time, thankfully over.

Sean McDon · Aug 20, 2018

Born of Poverty: More Than a Club

Like many members of the Celtic family I am also in favour of any worthwhile community cause which aims to end social and economic inequality, particularly if it is done so via a formidable grassroots approach...

Sean McDon · Aug 17, 2018

An Gorta Mor – An Honest Remembering

The Palestinian historian Edward Said (1935 – 2003), considered to be one of the 20th Century’s greatest thinkers, wrote in 2001 that the real tragedy of history is that so much of it is lost to time and is forgotten about, or, worse still, that it is mis-remembered in such a way that people of...

Sean McDon · Aug 16, 2018

James Connolly: Scotland’s Working Class Hero

From the Victorian slums of the Cowgate in Edinburgh to becoming one of the world’s greatest Socialist heroes.

Sean McDon · Aug 15, 2018

Frankie Who? Frankie Fn Miller, That’s Who!!

A Wee Homage to a Longstanding Member of the Celtic Family and Glasgow Legend Never heard of Frankie Miller?

Sean McDon · Aug 11, 2018

Poverty, Generation Foodbank and Celtic’s Green Brigade

Sadly, over the best part of the last ten years phrases such as ‘foodbank’ and ‘child poverty’ have become normalised in Scotland...

Sean McDon · Aug 10, 2018

Happy Monday Celtic Style: The Story of William O’Brien MP

Monday 6th November 1887 is a date with deep significance to any member of the Celtic family as this was the first official day in the charity focussed clubs existence, a long, singular and unbroken existence, which is presently stretching successfully over 128 years...

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