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Sentinelcelts · Feb 22

When is it Ok for Celtic to lose a league?

There were many themes of anxiety as we faced this crunch year when 9 in a row was on the line again...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 21

Copenhagen 1-1 Celtic

Morning,all. Honest,TWISTSNTURNS,it’s still morning...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 20

Valhalla or Hell?

Tonight brings part one of the clash we’ve all been waiting for.On the road again, to another lions den,, we wouldn’t have it any other way.They will be up for...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 19

Me and Marega

This blog does not allow for an in-depth study of the failures or successes and associated issues of immigration and racism but it does allow for relatively concise summary and...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 18

Up n down week?

It’s a big, big week ahead. Away in Europe used to be behind the sofa stuff but recently we look as if we belong there, and although technically leaving we...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 17

Aberdeen 1-2 Celtic Match Review.

Morning,all. Celtic travelled to the shores of The North Sea yesterday and a big Norwegian struck oil for us!

Sentinelcelts · Feb 15

Lamb Is On The Menu!

Morning,all. Today sees another excellent Guest Article,this time by ASWGL...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 14

Celtic to the core

Someone asked me the other day, to name a Celt who should have been capped and who wasn’t, I instantly thought of George McCluskey.A player who scored many an important...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 13

Them’s the breaks

We are witnessing history repeat itself, as its prone to do.Titles are won and lost in February and March in hard conditions with everyone and their dog hoping for a...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 12

Your Silent Face

Morning,all. Another powerful GUEST ARTICLE for you this morning...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 11

You’re life Jim, but not as we know it

Most important thing first. Jackie Mac you’re in our thoughts and prayers...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 10

“A Permanent Embarrassment And An Occasional Disgrace.”

Morning,all. Today sees another Guest Article from ASWGL...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 8

The I Wanna Dilemma.

Morning,all. It’s been a tough old week as a football supporter in Scotland.

Sentinelcelts · Feb 7

The Good, the bad, the ugly

The Good statement deserves credit, and we will certainly hand it out when due...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 6

Erra macaroon bars, spearmint chewing gum!!

If you remember this call, you’ve probably been going to see Celtic longer than most.You might have watched the famous 1967 Lisbon Lions story unfold, probably the greatest football achievement...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 5

The odious bully, goodbye

Ive been wrong many a time but Im starting to think thats the beginning of the end for one of the domestic games biggest ( no pun intended ) problems...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 4

Griff-Evil Incarnate!

Morning,all. The caption competition over on e-Tims the other day had a photograph of Olivier Ntcham standing beside his rather nice Range Rover just after receiving a parking ticket...

Sentinelcelts · Feb 3

Hamilton 1-4 Celtic Review

Morning,all. Well,I’m sure we’ve all had better weekends than the one just past,but hey,wasn’t it a peach?

Sentinelcelts · Feb 1

Either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid!?

I cant help but think that.So you have the money and the never before done ten is almost within grasp and you,you know,get two out and buy a couple punts.Like...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 31

The Brain Drain Gravy Train

Morning,all. This morning brings us another GUEST ARTICLE.

Sentinelcelts · Jan 30

Straight talking needed or else

Now one of the games worst kept secrets (the 5 way agreement and who was involved) is out in the open one would hope that its the beginning of the...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 29

The Twilight Zone-And A New Dawn?

Morning,all. Sometimes being a football fan in Scotland leads you to believe that you’re really living inside an old episode of The Twilight Zone...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 28

Money Corrupts

It’s a truth that money corrupts. Where there’s a coin to be made you’ll always find shady goings on...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 27

The Rigged Game

Morning,all. Today was intended as a match review from Saturday,but ATHINGOFBEAUTY and a few others essentially gave their views on it afterwards...

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