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Memory lane – Stephen Mc Manus

The big conference call is later in the week where all associations will be briefed, and I’m expecting a ‘you guys sort it out yourselves’ type of message from the...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 30

Unintended Consequences, And Not Thinking It Through.

Morning,all. Harold Wilson told us that a week is a long time in politics.

Sentinelcelts · Mar 28

Quiz Time

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Sentinelcelts · Mar 27

Me,Myself,I-My Top Five Albums

As you all know bmcuwp has had a huge influence in my life though not always in a good way!

Sentinelcelts · Mar 26

Numbers dont lie

And just like that the fans of the latest team that plays out of Ibrox have new digits to spout, worship, exclaim, or profane...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 25

Family, Faith, and Football

JimmyNotPaul inspired me to pen this when he did a leader on Paul Mc Stay (The Maestro) As Tommy Burns and Paul were two of my greatest ever Celtic players...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 24

Pushing pause for a while

You will have read the Aberdeen FC statement by now.I thought it was good, agenda free and straight to the point,,the point being we have a projected 5 million shortfall,...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 23

What Next?

Morning,all. The current crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic continues to occupy the minds of the great and the good worldwide,and also those of us on Sentinel Celts...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 21

International Day of Happiness

Morning,all. And welcome to . Supremely ironic of course,given the circumstances,but the idea behind it is sound...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 20


I’ve not written an article on Paul before, because I’ve always felt, how can I do him justice, but given what’s going on, at present, I thought now is the...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 19

Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

Jim Traynors departure almost slipped under the radar what with bigger things happening, but what’s noticable is not only his replacement but remarks we wouldn’t have seen ‘under his watch’...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 18

Lunatics running the asylum?

Like many others football has been caught on the hop by the current crisis, but yesterday went a bit further and showed just how out of touch it really is.Its...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 17

What defines a Celtic supporter

Having recently posted some of Bobby Sands diary on SC it had me reminiscing on my life growing up in North Belfast during the height of the conflict in the...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 16

Still Up In The Air

Morning,all.Interesting weekend,you might say. The weekend of course is when politics and world events take a back seat to relaxation and recreation,particularly the sporting calendar.

Sentinelcelts · Mar 14

Making The Correct Decision

Morning,all. There are no prizes for guessing the topic of discussion for today’s article...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 13

The biggest target?

I enjoy the Friday article, feel it’s important as the weekend tone setter, and was glad it fell to me this week,inwardly looking forward to cracking the knuckles and hammering...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 12

Chrunching the Numbers!

Morning,all. We’ve just seen some strange events in a hugely Tory-dominated House of Commmons,where over 10% of the party’s MPs actually voted against their own party-risking the wrath of His...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 11


When anyone mentions, I immediately think of the wonderful goals, he scored for us.The first 3, I thought about, when I started this article, were all against Rangers...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 10

If you know the history!

I’ve sometimes noticed on venues such as Social media, there are some Celtic fans who don’t quite seem to understand that these are great times for our team, of course...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 9


CHELTENHAM Mahe / Bobby will put up a place here for your selections...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 9

Lee for three

Morning,all. Shooting boots back on for Saturday after a fairly fallow few matches...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 7

Pass it to CAS?

As far as Im concerned the biggest off field news recently was the Sun of all rags getting tipped off about the SFA being on the verge of deciding what...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 6


Morning,all. This site has been known in the past for criticising Peter Lawwell,something which we admit to with no pleasure for it would please us no end for the opposite...

Sentinelcelts · Mar 5

A bitch of a pitch

One look at the comments yesterday showed the common theme was we would be doing very well to come away with three points, that we dont do well on that...

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