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Facilitating Hunf*ckwittery.

Morning,all. The fall out from the O** F*** game-and let’s not kid ourselves anymore,it was the O** F*** game-at the end of last month continues even yet...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 20

An Away Day For Scotland!

Morning,all. Dunno what the warm weather training camp in Dubai taught us...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 18

A Bewildering Day I Could Have Done Without!

Everyone seems to think of Partick Thistle as the plucky little underdogs,the team of choice for the neutral or non-aligned footballers...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 17

Unleash Hell!

With the second half of the season almost upon us it might seem correct to launch into a State of Nation address but the ongoing transfer window could render it...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 16

And Breathe…

Morning,all. Who would have thought that an article about “the songbook” would have brought such a considered and polite debate?

Sentinelcelts · Jan 15

Sectarianism and Me

I was born in Govan, literally a stone’s throw from Ibrox stadium, into a Roman Catholic family...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 14

Mind The Gap-It’s Closer Than You Think!

Morning,all. As it’s my turn to right the article today,prepare for another full-on rant!

Sentinelcelts · Jan 13

Back to the grind

When you can pull off a Monday piece in the off season you know youve made it,,so I hear anyway...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 11

When Things Don’t Add Up.

Morning,all. We are now one third of the way through the transfer window and it is starting to look like it may have caught us by surprise,despite it happening at...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 10

All the best Scott

And so it passed that one key Treble Treble component was moved along.Scott Sinclair was a coup that for all purposes did exactly what it said on the tin.Should someone...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 9


Morning,all. Football has long been regarded now as the new rock music,the cool thing that everyone wants to be associated with...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 8

A Celtic way of life

“ This Celtic Football Club is much more than a football club...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 7

When You Lie Down With Dogs…

Morning,all. No surprises what today’s article is about.

Sentinelcelts · Jan 6

Takes two to tango

Last weeks document ( see the Etims article below ) detailing the O** F*** sales pitch to the EPL was very intriguing if not disappointing.That level of collaboration between the...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 4

There Used To Be A Football Club Over There…

Morning,all. The above words are attributed to Keith Burkinshaw after his dismissal by Spurs...

Sentinelcelts · Jan 3

A True Celt Remembered.

Morning,all. Today we have a Guest Article by JIMMYNOTPAUL,who gives us his memories of a fella who really did bleed Green and White!

Sentinelcelts · Jan 2

Happy New Year-A Letter From Australia.

Happy New Year-A Letter From Australiamahe 01 Jan 2020 No commentMorning,all.

Sentinelcelts · Jan 1

The decade that was

It has been the decade to forget for Scottish football.It had it all, deaths, drama, bombs,,, Hollywood had nothing on OUR personal real life soap opera.The decade just past will...

Sentinelcelts · Dec 31, 2019

Half time breather

With the season hitting halfway point and a few weeks break having the footie fan finding tv channels they didn’t know existed,and Saturdays uncomfortably empty, it’s as good a time...

Sentinelcelts · Dec 30, 2019

Celtic 1-2 Rangers review

Morning,all. This was going to be the shortest article ever seen on this site-I was just going to write You all watched it!

Sentinelcelts · Dec 28, 2019

Celtic v Southside Zombies-Preview

Morning,all. And so it came to pass that the huns turn up at Celtic Park on the last weekend of the decade,their foetid breath warming our necks...

Sentinelcelts · Dec 27, 2019

St Mirren 1-2 Celtic Match Review

Morning,all. Writing the articles for this site over the past seventy weeks or so has been a Labour of love,in the most part,for Mahe and myself...

Sentinelcelts · Dec 25, 2019

Merry Christmas-Part Three;Jingle Bells!!!

Morning,all. And a very jolly Festive Greetings to you all!

Sentinelcelts · Dec 24, 2019

Merry Christmas-Part Two

Morning,all. And so it came to pass that Aberdeen played their part in reminding us of the original story of Christmas...

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