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Sevco Fans Want To Blame Us For Morelos Dip In Form, But It Was Their Own PR Machine.

It is convenient, even easy, for Sevco fans to point their fingers at others for the mistakes that are made inside their walls.

Ofcom’s Decision On Sky Makes Them As Toothless And Weak As The SFA. Celtic Must Respond Forcefully.

So Sky smears Celtic and gets away with it. At the time of writing, the club is still co-operating with them, and Ofcom has said that because the relevant section of the interview with Morelos wasn’t broadcast on their channel but was only available on their website and On Demand services that an official investigation...

EBT Recipient McCann Is The Worst Michael Stewart Replacement Yet, And The Dumbest.

Watching Neil McCann try to talk intelligently about football, or about Celtic or Sevco without bias, reminds you that somewhere paint is drying and that you’re missing out...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 23

Fear And Loathing And Steven Gerrard. Sevco Faces The Darkest Choice In Its History.

No football club in Britain labours under the enormous weight that the one at Ibrox does.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 23

A Wonderful Day For Celtic As We Cement Our Position At The Top Of The Table.

Let’s talk dominance. To me it’s the word of the day.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 22

Are Hummel Suing Sevco? Even If They Aren’t They Will Be.

Let’s talk for a moment about truth. Truth ought not to be an obscure concept.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 22

The SFA’s Decision To Re-Open The Keatings Case Is Shambolic And An Utter Embarrassment.

The SFA has decided that it will re-open the James Keatings case.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 20

A Disciplined Night, And An Away Draw We’ll Happily Take Back To Glasgow.

That never looked like being “one of those nights”.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 20

Griffiths Absence Tonight Is A Blow, But It’s Also Why We Bought A Striker In The Window.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. And tonight we might see Paddy Klimala take his long awaited bow up front with French Eddie in Copenhagen.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 19

Sevco’s Deadly Split With Hummel Is Made Official In A Low-Key, But Desperate, Club Announcement.

Sevco has tonight announced on its website that it will be seeking a new kit manufacturer for next season.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 19

Kevin Kyle’s “Opinion” On Bolingoli Is Crass, Ignorant Nonsense. So Of Course, The Media Loves It.

Where does it stop?

The Celtic Blog · Feb 18

Gary Ralston And His Paper Owe Three Glasgow Councillors An Apology Over Their “Ibrox Fan Zone” Smears.

In my piece earlier, I talked about Michael Stewart and those at the BBC who refuse to put him on the air until he adheres to their “editorial standards”, a phrase which loses all meaning when you consider what and who they have allowed onto the air over the years...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 18

The BBC Is Trying To Silence Michael Stewart Under The Guise Of “Editorial Standards.”

Yesterday the Michael Stewart saga took another twist when a national newspaper said that he his issues with the BBC still haven’t been resolved and that talks continue to make sure that his “breach of their editorial standards” wasn’t to be repeated...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 18

The Wailing From Ibrox Is Unreal When The SPFL Is About To Hand Them A Double Post Split Advantage.

Yesterday I mentioned in one of my articles that Celtic were about to be disadvantaged after the split by being made to play two of the top six away from home for a third time...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 18

Chris Jack’s Latest Ibrox Excuse Piece Ignores Why Sevco Won’t Win The Title: Celtic.

Chris Jack’s latest piece starts out by saying that referees will not have cost Sevco the league title, but then goes on to make the case that, in fact, it will be entirely down to them when Scott Brown raises that big trophy for the ninth season in succession...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 17

Gerrard Breaks Ranks With His Club Over Title Stripping And FInancial Fair Play. They Can’t Be Happy.

One of the highlights of the weekend for me was Steven Gerrard walking blindly into a minefield when he commented on the ongoing situation involving Manchester City, who have already been banned from Europe and now face domestic league sanctions over their violations of the Financial Fair Play statutes...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 17

There Are Eleven League Games Left … At Ibrox We Can Put This Matter To Bed Once And For All.

Yesterday we went from twelve matches left to just eleven.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 17

Three More Points, Another Psychological Blow Struck . And The Governing Bodies Flapping Over Fixtures.

Yesterday at Pittodrie we struck another massive psychological blow in this title race, and racked up yet another win on the road...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 15

Dunning-Kruger And The Ibrox Delusion Celtic Must Be Careful To Avoid.

David Dunning and Justin Kruger aren’t names commonly associated with Scottish football.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 15

The SPFL Has Scheduled Sevco’s Game For Tomorrow. You Can Smell The Panic Over There.

For the first time in my living memory, the SPL has re-scheduled a postponed game for the following day.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 15

Sevco Faces Humiliation And Fixture Congestion As Their Game Today Is Called Off.

Poor old Sevco. It doesn’t get any easier being them, does it? Their match today has been called off due to the abysmal state of their pitch.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 15

There Are People In Our Game Who Peddle Hate. We All Pay For That One Way Or Another.

One of the most outrageous, and brazen, pieces of hypocrisy I’ve ever seen in my life happened in May last year when Nigel Farage stood in front of the TV cameras and railed against the hatred that had been directed at him after someone had thrown a milkshake over him during a “walkabout” in Newcastle...

The Celtic Blog · Feb 14

Lennon Focuses The Team On The Job At Hand As Gerrard Continues His Meltdown.

As we go into the weekend, Neil Lennon had a very specific message for the players; the league race isn’t over, and we give full concentration to the very next game.

The Celtic Blog · Feb 14

The Last Administration Day At Ibrox Was Inevitable. So Is The Next One.

Let’s talk a little about truth, unpalatable truth, the kind that sticks in your throat.

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