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Jim McColl, Souness, Liverpool And The Next Great Sevco Swindle.

You have to laugh at them, right? The Peepul. Getting all excited again over the prospect of rich benefactors riding to the rescue.

The Celtic Blog · 2h Hot!

The Scottish Media’s Anti-Celtic, Pro-Sevco Bias Brilliantly Expressed In Two Headlines.

Today, The Scotsman’s ludicrous “rolling football blog” of rumours, ex-players weighing in on issues well above their limited comprehension, regurgitating old stories and general nonsense has produced two divergent stories which make the mind reel...

The Celtic Blog · Mar 30

Keith Jackson’s King Article Proves Again That Scottish Journalism Is In Dire Straits.

Another day, another idiotic Keith Jackson article.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 29

Some Scottish Football Clubs Want Administration Rules Set Aside For Next Season.

Today I got an email from a very good friend of mine who knows some people in football; this guy has never given me direct stuff before, although he moves in the right circles.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 28

How Bad Is The Cash Shortage At Sevco? Even Tom English Sees The Writing On The Wall.

Today I finally got to write my Scottish football obituary for Dave King.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 28

“He Was A Crook”: Notes On The Resignation Of Dave King, Scottish Football’s Biggest Charlatan.

Dave King is gone and our game is better for it. He was the Real Thing, like a gangster out of a bad pop culture film, a briber, a corrupter, a tax cheat, a fraudster, a liar.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 27

These Days Are Tough But They Will Not Shake Celtic To Its Foundations As Others Have.

Celtic fans should know one thing above all about the way this campaign looks like coming to an end, and about the general malaise in Scottish football; although they will be remembered in our history they have not rocked this club as they have rocked others in Scottish football...

The Celtic Blog · Mar 27

Celtic’s Season Ticket Terms Protect Our Fans. Sevco Supporters Get No Such Advantages.

The story yesterday about how Celtic season ticket holders are indemnified for fixtures which are not played will have come as no surprise to those who know that our club is one of the best run and professional in the country...

The Celtic Blog · Mar 27

As Scottish Football’s Problems Grow, It Makes You Wonder How Good Celtic’s Insurance Is.

Today more bad news for the rest of the Scottish clubs, in the form of Aberdeen’s admission that their insurance provider is getting set to screw them by excluding “business interruption” clauses for their policy when it comes up for renewal in April...

The Celtic Blog · Mar 26

The SPFL Is Paying Out Prize Money. Soon Enough It’ll Be Handing Out The Prizes.

The ninth title is almost signed, sealed and delivered, friends.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 26

Hearts Players’ Refusal Of The 50% Pay Cut Dooms Them. Voiding Won’t Save Them Now.

Hearts fans woke up this morning to news that was as stunning as it was horrific.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 25

Two Hilarious Stories About Sevco’s “£100 Million” Loanee Give Us Something To Laugh About.

Hagi. The name itself is supposed to make defenders wet themselves with fear.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 25

Scottish Football’s “Governing Bodies” Are Desperate To Pass The Buck Over Our Title.

Scottish football has no leaders at the present time.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 25

McCall Reveals How Desperate Our Enemies Are To Deprive Us Of Our SPL Title.

Today, Ian McCall opened the latest front in the ludicrous, and increasingly desperate, war to stop Celtic being awarded the title in the event that the league campaign ends up null and void...

The Celtic Blog · Mar 24

As We Head For The Title Sevco Is Fighting Dirtier Than Ever And The Media Is Allowing Them To Do It.

What a season this has turned out to be. A lot has gone on and no one will surprised to learn that I have strong opinions on much of it.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 24

Andy Gray Reminds Us What He Is With His Ridiculous “Too Close To Call” Title Verdict.

Andy Gray. A name synonymous with sleaze. With scandal.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 24

Lennon Reminds The Fans “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” How True It Is With The Celtic Family.

Following on from the excellent video from our club captain, Neil Lennon has sent a heartfelt message to the Celtic Family around the world, reminding us all of the bonds that join us and that we are all part of a greater collective...

The Celtic Blog · Mar 24

The Suggestion That Celtic Wants The Season Ended Early Is Nothing But A Barefaced Lie.

Was it George Bernard Shaw, in an era before the internet and the rise of the trolls, who got right to the heart of it? I rather think it was.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 24

Gerrard Is Still In Hiding As Sevco Maintains Its Ridiculous “Void The Season” Stance In Public.

From what I can gather, Gary McAllister has been misquoted by the media today.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 23

Sevco Is The Sick Man Of Scottish Football. They Are In Lethal Trouble If This Crisis Goes On And On.

Today, Aberdeen became the latest team to squeal at the financial pinch.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 23

The Edouard Rumours Will Ramp Up With No Football On. Celtic Fans Should Simply Ignore Them.

For most Celtic fans, the lack of football is like a big gaping hole in their lives.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 23

The Global Health Emergency Might Have Changed Our Transfer Market Policies.

Clubs across Scotland are suffering as the global health emergency ramps up.

The Celtic Blog · Mar 23

Ex-SPL Head May Come Off As A Clown At Times But On Celtic’s Provisional Title Triumph He Has It Right.

I am not Rodger Mitchell’s biggest fan. I used to follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him to be a blowhard and an idiot...

The Celtic Blog · Mar 23

Little By Little, Other Clubs Are Lining Up To Publicly Support Giving Us Our Title.

The Scottish Premier League is getting set to give Celtic its title.

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