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Podcast No1-Scott Reid

I sat down yesterday with actor Scott Reid. You will know him as “Methadone Mick” in Still Game, “Michael Farmer” in Line of Duty, “Quill” in Carnival Row and “DC Mick Clark” in White House Farm.You can listen here...

Cars and Girls

It came as no great shock to anyone not hard of thinking that the “Morelos Attempted Murder” story was exposed as unadulterated pish.

Lie in their pish

Fitba is back at the weekend. Those of us lucky enough to have tickets for Firhill will be there glowing from an afternoon of keeping warm in the boozer whilst those who aren’t have to subscribe to a pay per view channel and hand over the sort of wedge that only Lee McCulloch’s Maw wouldn’t baulk at to watch something on the telly.And this is meant to be the national cup competition right?

Rebels-The Film

Ok, so I am trying a way of life. It’s what Elvis coined as “A little less conversation, a little more action” or Jim Slaven coined as “Do less, better”Quite simply I am going to try a year with very little interaction on Social Media save for talking about work.

This may be business, it’s never personal but it’s always Celtic.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the last week that has demanded action from Celtic and Peter Lawwell on various things from the SFA to Resolution 12.

Peter Lawwell and The SFA

Regular readers of this blog know how it works. You give any entity from Ibrox an inch and they take a million miles...

The Front of The Bus · Dec 31, 2019

Happy New Year from Peter Lawwell

It never ceases to amaze how many people get impressed by old white men in suits.

The Front of The Bus · Dec 30, 2019

Fold Firm

I’m not on to whinge about the game yesterday, we were deservedly beaten by a team who wanted it more.

The Front of The Bus · Dec 10, 2019

An offering from a “paranoid lunatic”

Pretty much any time referees become a hot topic in Scottish football, the second film I did gets a mention and I get some new torrents of abuse and support.

The Front of The Bus · Dec 3, 2019

Uncle Francey

Why is it Celtic means so much to you? We all have our own stories and here’s mine.

The Front of The Bus · Nov 28, 2019

24 hours in the world of fake football

I’ve had the guts ripped out of me in the last couple of weeks so excuse me whilst I spill the last remnants of them all over this page.

The Front of The Bus · Oct 30, 2019

Memoir out now-£8

My new memoir is out now. Just £8, you can get a further 15% off at the checkout by using the code ONEFIVE.It’s the story of the three books that became films and all the nonsense in between...

The Front of The Bus · Sep 17, 2019

Sweet FA

It’s great when club football comes back, right? If, like me, international weeks bore you, it’s magical when the club games appear on the coupon once again.

The Front of The Bus · Sep 2, 2019

The Unsung Hero

A word or two about Nir Bitton. Yesterday at Ibrox proved, once again, what a class act he is.

The Front of The Bus · Aug 15, 2019

When history was made

Tuesday night was probably the most surreal game I’ve seen at Celtic Park since the Partizan Belgrade game 30 years ago.

The Front of The Bus · Aug 13, 2019

The best things in life are free

As the dust settles on another big sale from the club, minds turn to tonight, Cluj and European progress.

The Front of The Bus · Aug 6, 2019

Throwing the book at you

I’ve written (counting my new one) 14 books. Of those 14 books, three sold a lot more than other ones did that’s for sure.

The Front of The Bus · Jul 17, 2019

The Front of The Bus-A Memoir

Well, I finally finished it. The book that was derailed by, first, mental health issues, and then a tsunami of hate that John Beaton kicked off on December 29th, is finally out my system.

The Front of The Bus · May 24, 2019

The Cup

Diminishing the importance of the Scottish Cup is like, for me, saying lunch isn’t that important.

The Front of The Bus · May 13, 2019

Football, Bloody Hell.

Whilst I am not a huge fan of the “Champions” League, the two games last week were absolutely incredible spectacles.

The Front of The Bus · Apr 19, 2019

Bradley John Welsh

I remember Jackie Stewart talking about George Harrison and saying “I was close to him and had a great relationship with him-but I bet another hundred people could say the same” That thought crossed my mind when I read the outpouring of grief as news filtered through of the passing of Brad Welsh.To say I was stunned is an underestimate.

The Front of The Bus · Apr 11, 2019

Do fans have a shelf life?

It was only yesterday evening that I became aware of another incident of stuff being thrown at a player, this time at Fir Park on Sunday.

The Front of The Bus · Mar 27, 2019

71 Charlotte St-Where we are.

The first draft of the script will be finished on Thursday.

The Front of The Bus · Mar 5, 2019

Can you ever forgive me?

Richard Pryor once said “Forget about Racism, it’s hard enough just being a person” Like you, and everyone else apart from the stewards and police, I saw the bottle of Buckfast thrown at Scott Sinclair on Saturday.

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