David KellyCeltic News Now · Nov 24, 2013

The Pole of Justice

Ajax fans group VAK410 has pasted a message to police on the so-called ‘Pole of Justice’ in Amsterdam.

The pole in question dealt out a heavy dose of karma to one of the plain clothes police officers who was captured on camera laying into several Celtic supporters.

Here’s the full translation:

“Back to the 6th of November 2013. You thought you’d get away with this, didn’t you? Launching an attack together with your colleagues of the riot police and the undercover cops, the so called Romeo’s. What an easy opportunity for you to arrest some Celtic ‘hooligans’. Meanwhile you could easily beat up some defenceless people and knee them countless times. Just so you could let off some steam.

“Do you think this was done by the book? According to us it was a clear example of excessive police force. You claim to enforce the public order and use this claim to justify all of your actions. This day however it was the Amsterdam Police who disrupted the public order quite severely.

“Nevertheless, this pole doesn’t give in to excessive police force. Since this day, this pole became a clear symbol in the ongoing battle against excessive violence by the police. You and your colleagues were attacked by a group of Celts who had kept an eye on you while you misbehaved. You tried to run away but got caught off by a tram, lost your colleagues, looked back, accelerated and BAM, there it was: The Pole of Justice.

“There you were, lying on the ground after a proper knockdown by the pole of justice. To add some icing on the cake: while you were lying down quite defenceless you were kicked a couple of times. Just like a few minutes ago, only this time you were the defenceless victim. Ironically, it’s what you deserved. Now you know how those Celtic fans felt a couple of minutes ago. Defenceless! Would you beat up defenceless people again? Or did the pole of justice hit you hard enough?

“For us, the battle against excessive police force is an ongoing battle and we won’t stop fighting!”


And here is the video of the incident:

Find out how you can support the #DAMJUSTICE campaign on the Fans Against Criminalisation website.

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