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Bella Caledonia · Dec 21, 2017

The Green Brigade: Football Hooligans or Gateway Politicos?

Celtic’s Ultras division, The Green Brigade, have been criticised by the mainstream press for some of their activities...

Bella Caledonia · Jul 12, 2017

Bella is Growing, but needs your Support

We’re stoked to be listed as the top blog in Scotland (just ahead of Celtic Quick News) – and in the Top 50 in the UK...

Bella Caledonia · Mar 29, 2017

Celtic Isles

Laurie Fraser’s weekly diary. On this historic / tragic day, I give you Dubliner Graham O’Malley’s unique 12 Point Plan to fix everything We save up all our pocket money and buy a giant scissors...

Bella Caledonia · Mar 13, 2017

Broken Shire

Shortly after Melanie Phillips startled the horses with a clearly bonkers analysis of Britain and the ‘family of nations’ as essentially one of a race of Übermensch presiding over a horde of recalcitrant Celtic tribes...

Bella Caledonia · Jan 21, 2017

Off the Record

Daily Record journo sacked for calling Celtic fans ‘paedos’ by Andy Muirhead A Daily Record journalist has been sacked following comments posted on twitter in which he made anti-catholic slurs and labelled Celtic fans ‘paedos’...

Bella Caledonia · Jan 8, 2017

Oidhche Challain [The Old New Year]

On January 12th we’ll say hello to the New Year in the old tradition, reaching an important point in the Celtic Calendar...

Bella Caledonia · Oct 2, 2016

There’s Nothing Illicit about Solidarity

Liam O’Hare on the wider impact of Celtic fans display of solidarity with the people of Palestine...

Bella Caledonia · Sep 17, 2015

The Day Before a Year Ago

In Whisky and Scotland (1935) Neil Gunn wrote: “any effort on the part of any section – such as Ireland or Wales or Scotland – of the Celtic fringe to form itself into a nation is not merely opposed but bitterly resented as if it were something in the nature of a betrayal of human...

Bella Caledonia · Aug 20, 2015

Houston We Have a Problem

Rangers supporters representative Craig Houston has been caught posting homophobic abuse at former Hibernian midfielder Scott Allan after the youngster signed for city rivals Celtic...

Bella Caledonia · Jan 30, 2015

Match Fixing

By Mike Small While the Scottish media goes into a froth and a frenzy of O** F*** (sic) coverage before the League Cup semi-final – coverage which, apart from the rest of license-fee payers I’d imagine the fans of Aberdeen...

Bella Caledonia · Aug 12, 2014

Empire shadow still hangs heavy over Scotland

By Douglas Robertson Perched up high in Celtic Park’s West Stand watching the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games a number of mundane actions occurring around me rekindled thoughts of Empire...

Bella Caledonia · Aug 2, 2014

The Net of Saint Andrew

Alastair McIntosh reveals some little-known sectarian pillars of UK constitutional law that fuel the Orange Order’s “loyal” opposition to Scottish independence...

Bella Caledonia · May 2, 2014

From the Province Of The Cat #27 – The Land Of Joy

by George Gunn Yesterday was, of course, May Day – Beltane, the beginning of the Summer according to the Celtic calendar – the day of international socialism, Labour Day, call it what you will.

Bella Caledonia · Apr 3, 2014

Red Road

News that the flats, which have been part of Glasgow’s skyline for almost 50 years will be blown up as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony was met by stunned confusion by people today...

Bella Caledonia · Feb 3, 2014

Just Say Naw – To Galloway’s Sectarian British Unionism

Remember George the anti-Iraq war campaigner – then look at his allies now.

Bella Caledonia · Dec 2, 2013

Green Day

By Callum McCormick There is something strange about the latest controversy to surround the Green Brigade...

Bella Caledonia · Nov 1, 2013

From The Province of the Cat #21 – Day of the Dead

by George Gunn The first of November is Samhain which in the old Celtic calendar is the first day of Winter.

Bella Caledonia · Feb 26, 2013

Driven by Bigotry?

Rangers disappointed?

Bella Caledonia · Jan 11, 2013

Scotland and the Nexus of Nationhood

By Alastair McIntosh In a recent Scotsman essay Gerry Hassan cited Ernest Renan’s celebrated 1882 lecture to the Sorbonne: Qu’est-ce qu’une nation?

Bella Caledonia · Nov 18, 2012

For A’ That – Episode 4 – Hypothetically

Here’s the 4th episode of the For A’ That podcast where The Peat Worrier and myself (Michael Greenwell) are joined by Gary Dunion of, amongst other things, Bright Green Scotland...

Bella Caledonia · Nov 7, 2012

Congratulations to Celtic for a great performance

Congratulations to Celtic for beating Barcelona 2-1 at Parkhead.

Bella Caledonia · Oct 30, 2012

SFA to “discuss” Craig Levein’s “future” within “a few days”

It was announced earlier today that Scotland’s turnip-in-charge, Craig Levein, will have his future decided (terminated surely?) by the SFA over the next few days.

Bella Caledonia · Aug 27, 2012

Scottish Premier League: Rumours of death greatly exaggerated

After the hue and cry of the close season, the slow torturous death of the football club once known as Glasgow Rangers FC, the hand-wringing and SFA stitch ups the...

Bella Caledonia · Jul 16, 2012

A New Day

By Mike Small It’s worth getting a few things straight before kick-off.

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