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Carluke Shamrock CSC · Dec 16, 2015

Green for Go! And last 2 seats!

That’s all the plans and supplies now in place, for our big #Shambolic Winter Challenge on Tinto Hill, on Monday 28th December!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Dec 11, 2015

Vests, biccies, whisky, and only 5 seats left!!!

Less and less sleepies until Santa comes. And less and less sleepies till our #Shambolic Winter Challenge on 28th December!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Dec 7, 2015

The pies are in! Only 10 places left now!

Our heartfelt thanks to the Bells Food Group who have generously donated a large batch of pies for our wintry climbers to enjoy in the hall following our climb on the 28th!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Nov 30, 2015

Only 15 places left – whisky, soup and hats!

As we take the step into December, plans are heating up for our ice cold #TeamErin Winter Challenge at Christmas Time...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Nov 23, 2015

That’s the Winter Challenge bus all lined up!

The seats are filling up, and the bus is now booked!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Nov 19, 2015

2 days and half the bus is full!

Although it will prove a cold and wintry challenge And although it’s going to be during Christmas holidays And although it’s only been 2 days since we announced it But that’s half of the #Shambolic Challenge Bus already booked!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Nov 17, 2015

Can’t go but want to help

After announcing the launch of our #Shambolic Winter Challenge, we’ve been flooded with messages of encouragement and support...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Nov 17, 2015

The #Shambolic Winter Challenge

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Carluke Shamrock CSC · Sep 16, 2015

AGM – Monday 21st September

The club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday the 21st of September in St Athanasius Community Hall at 7:30 pm...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Aug 27, 2015

Tic Talk – Malmotaupsy

After such a dark, dark nightmare of that Malmo game, there was only one guaranteed way to lighten the mood Get a #shambolic panel of Carluke’s finest into the studio for a #TicTalk show!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Jul 5, 2015

Tic Talk – Aaaarrrrgggggh!

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Carluke Shamrock CSC · May 28, 2013

Tic Talk – SCS CSC & MSM


Carluke Shamrock CSC · May 27, 2013

Tic Talk – Double Season Closer

The Carluke Shamrock CSC returned to Carluke for an end-of-season #shambolic party, after watching Neil Lennon’s Celtic win the Scottish Cup against Hibs. With the double winning end to the season, Richard grabbed different groups of the bhoys, to form so...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · May 16, 2013

Tic Talk – McVities Managers

Host Vincent treated a Tic Talk panel to “extra chocolate digestives” as they careered along a motorway of topics including > Reviewing the St.Johnstone game > Previewing the Dundee Utd and SC Final games > Chatting about the latest hot topics...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Apr 25, 2013

Tic Talk – Maltesers 5088

A sensational day of Sevco Shenanigans led to a #Shambolic 2-hour bumper episode of Tic Talk!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Mar 20, 2013

Tic Talk – kettling and chocolate hobnobs

Vincent (@vincenzosir) hosted a #TicTalk panel that had a lot of hot topics to get their teeth into as well as some biscuit confectionary!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Jan 8, 2013

Tic Talk – Winter Break Special

We threw open the doors of the #TicTalk studios tonight, for a Winter Break special episode. With no rigid agenda and no specific panelist rota, every member of the #Shambolic team were invited to pop along and throw in their tuppence worth at this half-w...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Dec 18, 2012

Tic Talk – Shambolic Christmas

In our last #TicTalk show before Christmas, another new stand-in host takes the hot seat!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Dec 11, 2012

Tic Talk – Messi and Jabba

Stand-in host Vinnie (@vincenzosir) takes the #TicTalk hot seat in freezing cold Carluke for the night. He’s joined on the panel by Kevin (@kevinpmcauley) and Johnny (@jpbhoy65) as they discuss >> Celtic games gone and Celtic games a-coming. &g...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Dec 4, 2012

Tic Talk – temporary friends

The #TicTalk show had a cracking wee mix tonight. We had show regulars Mr C and Michael (@mickybhoys). We had club member Luigi joining us for his panel debut. And the cherry on the top – we had two fellow Hail Hail Media brothers Scott (@scottmccorry)...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Nov 26, 2012

Tic Talk – VideoCast – Bampot Book Launch

With the night itself proving to be so epic, and with such an incredible turnout of #InternetBampots, the process of recording, documenting, editing and producing a #TicTalk VideoCast around it, was only ever going to be one thing EPIC!

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Oct 23, 2012


Below is a post from the Scottish Football Monitor, mentioned on the podcast recorded on Monday, 22nd October. It is LONG but well worth the read and also for sharing with any Zombies you may know. Humble Pie says: Sunday, October 21, 2012 Apocalypse –...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Oct 13, 2012

Internet Bampots – gallery of fun

During this international football break where we don’t have Celtic playing, we took the opportunity to put together a wee video called the “gallery of fun” This is to honour the Internet Bampot Graphics Wizards that have given so much fun to the #C...

Carluke Shamrock CSC · Oct 9, 2012

A Celtic Tale-a-coaster

Paul Larkin’s latest Celtic book – “By Any Means Necessary” – will be released at the end of October, and the review copy that we received at Carluke Shamrock glaringly shows one thing above many others This author has undoubtedly developed h...

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