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Channel 4 News · Sep 20, 2014

Is sectarianism on the rise after #indyref? – video

Assaults, masks and flares thrown at police: there are concerns that old sectarian scars could be reopening in Scotland following the independence referendum...

Channel 4 News · Jan 5, 2014

Scotland’s modern Millwall: Celtic’s toxic public image

Celtic are fast becoming Scotland’s modern Millwall: an underclass of extreme politics and mindless violence...

Channel 4 News · Sep 30, 2013

Why armed forces’ involvement in a sectarian Rangers protest was a PR disaster

The fact that parading members of the British armed forces were allowed to get drawn into a sectarian demonstration at Ibrox Park on Saturday reflects worst on the commanding officers who exposed them...

Channel 4 News · Aug 5, 2013

Walter Smith quits as Glasgow Rangers chairman

Rangers legend Walter Smith hands in his resignation as a chairman and director of the Glasgow club, three days after former chief executive Charles Green returned to the Ibrox...

Channel 4 News · May 29, 2013

Craig Whyte’s lawyers send Letter Before Action

Channel 4 News has seen a copy of the Letter Before Action now sent from lawyers acting for Craig Whyte, to Rangers FC and key shareholders involved with the club...

Channel 4 News · May 4, 2013

You couldn’t make it up: Rangers ban the BBC

The BBC were told they could not broadcast from Ibrox Stadium this week after they ran a story the club didn’t like...

Channel 4 News · Feb 28, 2013

Rangers’ player payments ‘not cheating’

Alex Thomson asks if football can now get back in the spotlight as the Nimmo-Smith independent commission clears Glasgow Rangers of cheating...

Channel 4 News · Feb 28, 2013

Nimmo-Smith report: could titles be stripped from Rangers?

The Nimmo-Smith report could exonerate Rangers’ over player payments, or lead to a range of sanctions ranging from titles being stripped to a “slap over the wrist with a limp lettuce leaf”...

Channel 4 News · Feb 13, 2013

Succulent lamb on the rack?

Channel 4 News understands very well that sportswriters need close relations with the football clubs they report on, but was Rangers just too cosy with some?

Channel 4 News · Feb 7, 2013

Rangers – a public wrangle over £400,000

With each hour that passes in silence and non-payment from Rangers, the deeper the damage to the club and investors confidence in its real level of financial security...

Channel 4 News · Feb 7, 2013

Rangers – join the debate

Today at 12.15pm – an online debate on Rangers Football Club...

Channel 4 News · Feb 6, 2013

Revealed: Rangers winding-up petition

Following feverish online speculation, Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson reveals the truth behind rumours of a winding-up petition against Rangers Newco...

Channel 4 News · Feb 4, 2013

HMRC and the ‘Big Tax Case’: no victory yet except for the lawyers

With rumblings of discontent over the relationship between HMRC and the media, Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson looks at the latest status of the Rangers ‘Big Tax Case.’...

Channel 4 News · Feb 1, 2013

No conflict of interest for football lawyers

There is no conflict of interest for Rangers and Celtic to use the same top Scottish law firm, despite claims from Rangers fans, especially in such a small legal pool...

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