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Henry Clarson · Jun 14, 2014

An Open Letter To J.K Rowling.

Originally posted on Scottish Pokemon – What do you believe in?

Henry Clarson · May 22, 2014

Neil Lennon – The Dream Is Over

A year ago, Neil Lennon was saying that he regarded the Champions League as winnable, (albeit with a few of the usual caveats about getting the breaks, being able to field all of the best players, favourable draws, etc.) In much the same way that St...

Henry Clarson · May 12, 2014

Knave Of Diamonds

The final weekend of the 2013-14 league season produced quite a few decent stories.

Henry Clarson · Apr 23, 2014

The Best Laid Plans Of Minty’s Men

It should be clear now that the ludicrous requirement for a prospective President to have already wasted four years of his life “serving” on SFA committees is the main reason that Campbell Ogilvie was re-elected unopposed...

Henry Clarson · Nov 27, 2013

Paul McConville – A Tribute

I can’t adequately express my dismay upon hearing of Paul McConville’s sudden death at the age of 47...

Henry Clarson · Mar 3, 2013

Group Two Morality

I read an interesting paper recently by a group of psychology researchers who were investigating the influence of electromagnetic stimulation of parts of the brain in terms of how it affected the moral choices which people will make. Two groups of people...

Henry Clarson · Feb 19, 2013

Fear of the Consequences

I note a recurring theme in the argument against awarding stripped titles to the runner-up is fear of the consequences. It was fear of the consequences of standing up to wrongdoing that got Scottish football into this almighty mess in the first place. The...

Henry Clarson · Jan 31, 2013

Eye On The Ball

Here’s a link to a fine comment which was published on the Scottish Football Monitor* discussion forum this week. Humble Pie’s post is a first class piece that highlights the cognitive dissonance in every department of our society. The key recognition is...

Henry Clarson · Jan 30, 2013

All The President’s Men

Thirty-nine years ago time was running out for the thirty-seventh President of the United States of America...

Henry Clarson · Jan 29, 2013

Punishments to maintain Sporting Integrity

Reblogged from Web3DLaw: A certain Rangers “blogger’s” recent appearance on Newsnight was unmemorable except for the statement that “Rangers have been punished enough”...

Henry Clarson · Jan 27, 2013

Heads, You Win

The League Cup semi-final against Danny Lennon’s spirited St...

Henry Clarson · Dec 30, 2012

Now, Even The Bad Times Are Good

One of the challenges that Celtic face is that opponents in Scotland generally regard anything other than a sound thrashing at our hands as a good result. A draw is excellent. And actually beating Celtic is a significant career highlight for the majority...

Henry Clarson · Nov 7, 2012

When Vlad Pulls The Plug…

When Vladimir Romanov acquired Heart of Midlothian Football Club in 2005, the club was already a debt-ridden, financial basket case. The previous board could see no way forward other than to sell Tynecastle to a supermarket in order to clear the club...

Henry Clarson · Oct 12, 2012

Different Types Of Courage

Alex Thomson has returned to the scene of the crimes with some observations in a blogpost about Hunnish intimidation of those who wish to speak the truth about Scotland’s Shame.

Henry Clarson · Jul 24, 2012

It’s Time To Take The Gloves Off With The SFA

The SFA are making it clear to one and all that their first priority is to save the myth of Rangers rather than look after Scottish football. It has been obvious for some time now that neither the SFA nor the SPL has the slightest intention of doing the r...

Henry Clarson · Jul 19, 2012

Asterisks Be Damned

There are occasional gremlins on the rangerstaxcase site which strike without warning and prevent posts from being uploaded...

Henry Clarson · Jul 11, 2012

What If There’s No Santa?

“If Santa knows that you’re being bad, you’ll not get any presents on Christmas Day.” Were any of us not subjected to that threat at some point in our childhood? What a brilliant way to keep someone in line!

Henry Clarson · Jul 9, 2012

Shameless Chancers And Crafty Rogues

Imagine, if you will, a property developer called Mr.

Henry Clarson · Jul 8, 2012

That’s Yer Dinner Oot.

Last night, Alex Thomson published a transcript of a letter to the Boards of Directors of the Scottish Football League member clubs from David A...

Henry Clarson · Jun 30, 2012

When There’s No Room Left In Hell…

I still haven’t seen a single reason to justify the proposition that a re-branded, papered-over-the-cracks version of the liquidated Rangers Football Club should be allowed to enter the senior leagues at any level at all...

Henry Clarson · Jun 26, 2012

And Thomson must score . . .

Re-reading my article on Alex Thomson’s “solutions” for the problems which Scottish football now faces because of Rangers, I think I haven’t made it clear enough that, for all the good work that Alex Thomson did up to this point, I feel let down b...

Henry Clarson · Jun 24, 2012

How To Re-brand A Toxin

Alex Thomson, the chief reporter for Channel 4 News, has suggested a way forward for the supporters of the now extinct Rangers Football Club...

Henry Clarson · Jun 21, 2012

Stop The Fight, Ref!

Scandal. Disgrace. Corruption. Cheats. Laughing stock.

Henry Clarson · Jun 16, 2012

Where To Begin?

Rangers haven’t even begun to taste proper punishment. At least ten years of cheating cannot be atoned for by anything less than expulsion...

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