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The Celt · Apr 5

Big Ben Bulben bemoans passing (the buck)

In the various jobs I have had over the years I have found that the most incompetent are generally the bosses.

The Celt · Apr 4

From the records of Eugene MacBride [ January- May 1934]

January 1934New Year’s Day ; CELTIC 2-2 RANGERS ; SL22 ; Peter Wilson injured at 1-1 and moves to outside left.

The Celt · Apr 4

Glasgow Cup final 2014

Celtic 1-0 “Rangers”Omitted from last article was score for 2013 final ; Celtic 2-3 “Rangers” .

The Celt · Apr 1

Glasgow Cup final 2013

Whatever happened to the likely lads of the 2013 final?

The Celt · Apr 1

Campbell’s Column

AND COUNTING The other night, and dozing at times while watching a science-fiction movie, I awoke and was caught up in the count-down for the take-off for a space-ship “10 9 8 “ etc.

The Celt · Mar 28

Poet’s Corner

The Tunnel TaleA blazing sun the locus bathed;the pilgrim Thims,expectant, primed,rehearsed the anthems,trailed the chantsthat welled up to a sound sublime.Ten thousand throats and thousands more,through eighty summers,keeping faithwith Walfrid’s dream ofCeltic pride -now on the cusp of full array.As undergroundthe jousters milled,a contrast starkgot underway -striped Latin gods,groomed, oiled and tanned;hooped, gallus Lions:their ‘Day of Days.’Facchetti preened, wee Bertie prowled;we nudged and winked,th...

The Celt · Mar 27

From Eugene MacBride’s records [ August-December 1933]

1933/34 ; squadgk – Kennaway Wallacefb – Hogg McGonagle Morrison Boylehb – Wilson McStay Geatons Dawson McDonald Hughes Coullf – R.Thomson A.Thomson Buchan Smith McGrory Crum F.O’Donnell H.O’Donnell Paterson Napier Connorfrees – Falconer Cameron McGillivray JohnstoneAUGUST 193312 ; QUEEN OF THE SOUTH 3-2 CELTIC ; SL1 ; debut for Willie Buchan ..Queens mobbed by their fans at the end19 ; CELTIC 2-2 FALKIRK ; SL2 ; time up blown 87 .Bertie Thomson’s last game for Celtic two days later to B...

The Celt · Mar 27

Glasgow Cup final 2012 rangers 1-1 celtic [ rangers win 4-2 from the penalty mark]

A look at the subsequent careers of the squad of 2012.

The Celt · Mar 25

Cyclops ; influenced by the St Andrews Brewing Co.

I have always considered myself a sedate football fan loving the sport itself rather than letting my passions explode over one team.However, I must admit it, I don’t shed many tears when Glasgow Rangers get beat.Except of course when they are beaten by Hearts.

The Celt · Mar 22

Glasgow Cup 2011

CELTIC 1-0 RANGERSA look at the subsequent careers of the players the programme listed for the 9 May 2011 finalLEO FASAN was the height of the great Buffon but to Port Vale (loan) 10 ; Bury 15 ; Kilmarnock 3 ; Falkirk 13 and currently back in Italy at Sicula Leonzio in Serie CJAMES WIGHTMAN was the back up gk to Fasan and went to Partick ThistleJOHN HERRON Coatbridge bhoy who played 2 games for Celtic then Cowdenbeath (loan) 5 ; Blackpool (loan) ; Dunfermline (loan) 15-1 ; Raith 19-3 ; Glentoran 44-7 and...

The Celt · Mar 21

More manhattan musings

THO’ SEAS DIVIDEA NY Times article from Sunday last (March 15th) lamented that we are “Facing A World Without Our Games”, a sobering prospect with baseball about to begin, ice hockey and basketball entering the latter stages and the NFL draft on the horizon.

The Celt · Mar 20

From Big Ben Bulben’s bunker

With precious little to write about but plenty of time to do so I cast my eye over this period of weirdness.

The Celt · Mar 19

Manhattan musings

Normally I avoid cliches like the plague but this coronavirus has transformed the landscape.

The Celt · Mar 18

Friendlies ; 1919/20

20 August 1919 – AyrUnited 2-2 Celtic – benefit for “Switcher” McLaughlinShaw Shea Kelly Gilchrist Cassidy (1) McLean McAtee McKay Burns Craig (1) Pratt29 October 1919 – Cowdenbeath 3-4 CelticLawrie Livingstone W.McStay Price Cassidy McMaster Smith McFarlane (1) McInally (2) Craig Pratt (1)6 January 1920 ; Celtic Select 3-3 Bradford XI – Testimonial for Jimmy McMenemyShaw W.McStay Livingstone Gordon* Hamill* Brown Bell* Bowie*(2) Wilson*(1) McMenemyMorton*the asterisked ‘guests’ were Jimmy Gordon...

The Celt · Mar 16

From the records of Eugene MacBride [ january – july 1933]

JANUARY 19332 ; Rangers 0-0 Celtic; SL27 ; “Kennaway .never a hand wrong an exhibition of goalkeeping such as not seen in a long time ..Bobby Hogg best back on the park .McGonagle never gave in “Ran 24-37 Mwell 24-36 Cel 27-3612 ;Willie Maley dashes to Grangemouth to fix Willie Buchan (18) of Grange Rovers before Rangers.

The Celt · Mar 11

From the records of Eugene MacBride [august-december 1932]

AUGUST 19325 ; pre-season trial 1 ; Greens 4-3 Hoops ; Greens were reserves and had support of crowd against 1st team9 ; pre-season trial 2 ; Greens 3-2 Hoops ; John Crum scored winner in 86 and atmosphere tingled like a last-minute cup tie victory .Greens gk Johnny Falconer off in 5 after Jimmy Cameron opened scoring and was replaced by ex Celt ch John Donoghue, , not listed for either side13 ; Celtic 3-0 Aberdeen SL1; scoring debut for Jimmy Cameron .played in a heatwave16 ; Celtic 4-2 Third Lanark SL2...

The Celt · Mar 10

The tim wilton column

35 in actionThe weekend of 7/8 March saw no fewer than 35 ex or loaned Celts playing in the four Scottish divisions.

The Celt · Mar 10

CYCLOPS ; “humility is the foundation of all virtues” (and I have it in spades)

That is an aphorism from my wee Chinese pal Confucius who, if my Mandarin is correct, is also the guy who invented this coronavirus thing though I am open to correction*******talking of which I was in an Italian restaurant last week******Mrs C simply stuck to water but I boldly asked the waiter for Corona ( that Mexican beer)*******I thought it was funny but his face was as deadpan as Gerrard Steven*******still on the virus fella how about Stokesy getting arrested at gunpoint as he returned to the UK?

The Celt · Mar 4

EuroStats updated

After elimination at the feet of F.C.Copenhagen the EuroStats can now be rounded up after the 2019/20 season.Home ; P 187 W 120 D 32 L 35 GF 367 GA 153 ; wins/defeats +85Away ; P 187 W 49 D 40 L 98 GF 210 GA 286 ; wins/defeats -49 Neutr ; P 3 W 1 D 0 L 2 GF 5 GA 6 wins/defeats -1TOTAL ; P 377 W 170 D 72 L 135 GF 582 GA 445 ; wins/defeats +35Bearing in mind that the stats are now heavily tilted in favour of modern players with more games being played than of yore due to the group format, the lists reflect...

The Celt · Mar 2

Manhattan musings

THO’ SEAS DIVIDE Quite the NYC institution is the diner.

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