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The Internet Bampot · Nov 22, 2013

Moonbeams, Blue Dreams and Colour Schemes

Sir David Murray had a worry he was broke and in a hurry As he’d borrowed funny money from the mint...

The Internet Bampot · Nov 13, 2013

Propaganda Handbook #23 – Drawing Moral Equivalence

In the last week since what the Scottish media have dubbed with undue hyperbole “The Battle of Amsterdam”, we have once again witnessed those inglorious hacks from the Scottish tabloid media grasp every opportunity to slate the oft-praised travelling Celtic support and to equate their actions (reactions?

The Internet Bampot · Sep 7, 2013

The Immortality Project

-or- Death and Denial First Posted on TSFM Death has a tendency to put everything else into perspective...

The Internet Bampot · Aug 23, 2013

Poor George

I feel kinda sorry for the guy. Here, at last, is a ‘Real Rangers’ man prepared to put his head above the parapet and his money where his mouth is...

The Internet Bampot · May 14, 2013

Was Charlotte spinning a web or Vicasting a spell?

The intricacies of the newly emerged evidence of linkages between some of the key players in the downfall of Rangers being drip-fed to TSFM by CharlotteFakes over the last week are captivating...

The Internet Bampot · Apr 27, 2013

A Total Lack of Leadership

Okay, I admit to some initial glee and more than a touch of schadenfraude when the brown smelly stuff began to hit the big swirly thing down the Copland Road...

The Internet Bampot · Apr 12, 2013

Hanlon’s Razor

What if the mainstream media hack pack were actually right all along and we are all just obsessed and imagining all these ‘outrageous conspiracy theories’ surrounding the death and rebirth of Rangers?

The Internet Bampot · Mar 12, 2013

It Is True None The Less

Some of you may not like this but ‘Integrity is more important than success’ is a pile of crap, and ‘Scottish Football needs a strong Rangers’ So tomorrow I will tell my children they are not the most important thing in my life...

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