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The Offshore Game · Jun 22, 2017

Questions mount for the SFA

As the mess that is the financial collapse of Rangers Football Club continues to play out in the courts, more evidence emerges of financial foul play by the club in the years leading up to the crash...

The Offshore Game · Nov 16, 2016

SFA may have misled Rangers tax case commission

The Scottish Football Association, in seeking to defend itself from allegations that it unfairly awarded Rangers a licence to play in Europe in 2011/2012, appears to have admitted that it withheld evidence from the Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry into rule breaking by the club in its use of tax avoidance schemes...

The Offshore Game · May 27, 2016

The evidence – UEFA and Rangers’ unpaid tax bills

Over the last week, someone operating an anonymous twitter account and an anonymous email account has claimed repeatedly that the Offshore Game withheld evidence in our report...

The Offshore Game · May 11, 2016

The UEFA license issue

Since publishing our report we have had a number of people contact us about a post elsewhere which questioned our conclusions on the grant of a UEFA license to Rangers in 2011...

The Offshore Game · May 11, 2016

A correction and statement to fans of Rangers

The Offshore Game has been approached by an anonymous fan of Rangers Football Club who raised a couple of issues with the language used in our report...

The Offshore Game · May 5, 2016

Doing SFA for Fair Play: A Report into the Rangers Tax Affair and the role of the Scottish Football Association

The Offshore Game’s new report into the Rangers tax affair shows just how a badly-run football association can undermine a level playing field – and what needs to be done about it...

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