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The Terrace · Mar 30


Graeme and Craig A escape from the monotony of isolation to reminisce about past “glories” with the latest game from our Top 50 Scotland men’s matches of all time.

The Terrace · Mar 27

12 best goalkeepers in Scottish Premiership right now

Fowler dials up Joel to talk through the best custodians in the top flight of Scottish football right now – or when football last existed...

The Terrace · Mar 23

8 titles and 2 titles, but not 10 titles

Fowler, Craig and Joel join up (remotely) to discuss their lives over the last week as the lockdown has kicked up a notch, before talking about the latest Scottish football news, including Aberdeen’s statement and Stevie Naismith’s wage cut...

The Terrace · Mar 20

Games We’d Like To See

Graeme, Andy and Craig Anderson join each other through the magic of the internet to talk about some matches from Scottish football they’d like to watch back...

The Terrace · Mar 16

An Anonymous Insider

Joel is joined by Craig Cairns, who for some reason has decided to mask his voice as if protecting his anonymity.

The Terrace · Mar 12

St John. f***. St Mirren!

Joel and Tony join forces to look back at Hearts’ pathetic performance as St Mirren deservedly won the relegation battle before going on to chat about the fatal four-way at the bottom of the Ladbrokes Premiership.

The Terrace · Mar 9

Callum Hendry: Braveheart

Graeme is joined by Craig Anderson and Thom Watt to chat through some Hotties and Notties and discuss the weekend’s action.

The Terrace · Mar 7

A Jamaican Pat Bonner

Tony, Fowler and debutant Derek Reid discuss the midweek football, including Oliver Bozanic being surprisingly good at football, Rangers bottling it in front of goal, Celtic being dicks to Livingston, the Steelmen picking themselves off the canvas, and why St Mirren fans continue to be angry...

The Terrace · Mar 2

SHOW: The Fourth Best Weekend of the Season

Craig Anderson is joined by Thom Watt and Andy Harrow to review the Scottish Cup quarter-final weekend.

The Terrace · Feb 27

Goodwillie and 10 other *****

Craig G Telfer and Joel look back at Rangers’ success in Braga in what was a chaotic match but a deserved win before looking ahead to the Scottish Cup.

The Terrace · Feb 25

The play about Jim Spence

Gary, Fowler and Duncan get together to discuss the ruling which bans kids from heading the ball before getting on to the weekend’s action, including Rangers continuing to shit the bed, the best version of Callum McGregor, Hibernian’s non-resilient resilience, tired excuses at Pittodrie and a missed opportunity in Lanarkshire...

The Terrace · Feb 20

Interesting But Wildly Ill-informed

Andy Harrow, Craig Anderson and Craig Cairns get together to talk through what’s hot and what’s not, including a lengthy discussion on the James Keatings decision, before looking at the two Scottish Cup replays and Livi roaring back...

The Terrace · Feb 18

Interview Special: Shelley Kerr and Rachel Corsie

Graeme and Robert are joined by Scotland manager Shelley Kerr and Scotland captain Rachel Corsie to chat through Scottish women’s football and the rise of the SWNT before deciding who is going to do them some solids...

The Terrace · Feb 17

The May-naissance

Graeme is joined by Andy and Craig Anderson to run through the things that are hot and not in the streets, before running through Motherwell’s clean sheet, the return of Stevie May, the Stendel-show, and all the rest of the weekend’s action...

The Terrace · Feb 15

On The Ball

With the debate over free period products back in the news, we decided to release this Patreon episode from a few months ago...

The Terrace · Feb 13

The Wolf Brand

Joel, Gary and Tony get together to discuss the weekend’s football, as Killie become the latest club to hammer Rangers’ title chances, Zander Clark decides to do something, Hearts do as expected at Parkhead, and Aberdeen finally score!

The Terrace · Feb 10


Graeme is joined by Craig Anderson and Craig Cairns to talk through a very wet and windy Scottish Cup football weekend...

The Terrace · Feb 6

Remeber Me?

Fowler welcomes in Rob and Shaughan to tackle ‘The List’.

The Terrace · Feb 3

Dream Moves and Dodgy PIs

Graeme is joined by Thom and Craig Cairns for a round of Hotties & Notties and the weekend Premiership round-up...

The Terrace · Jan 30

Ian Murray: Kirin Cup winner

Fowler, Duncan and Gary begin by looking at the players still on expiring contracts as we come to the end of the transfer window.

The Terrace · Jan 27

John Woo’s White Pigeon

Robert, Andy and Craig Cairns kick off with a round of Hotties and Notties before delving into the weekend’s Premiership action...

The Terrace · Jan 23

A CGT Adam Jackson

Tony and Duncan are joined by a returning Craig Fowler to talk through the midweek action, including Aberdeen stinking up their own stadium, a tale of two performances at Easter Road, Leigh Griffiths feuding with old Ayrshire men, Jermain Defoe proving his worth, another depressing Stevie May showing, and Hearts continuing to be shit...

The Terrace · Jan 22

Steve Clarke Interview Special

Graeme and Craig Anderson are joined by a very special guest, Scotland Manager Steve Clarke.Steve chats to the guys about the upcoming game, his coaching influences and Scotland’s identity under his stewardship, he then rounds it off by Doing a few Solids...

The Terrace · Jan 21


Graeme is joined by Thom and Craig Anderson to run through some quick hotties and notties before embarking on a as they give you hot takes to recycle around the water cooler on each and every Scottish Cup tie from the weekend, even Falkirk v Arbroath...

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